Davin Strong.

The man who needs no introduction! If you've seen muscle porn in the last year you've seen this versatile actor. He's the best alpha specimen of sexual prowess currently working.

I first came across Davin via Instagram. He's bodybuilder who's happy to share about his life and thoughts. And was always open to Q&As from his audience. It’s been a crazy and sexually exciting ride to see him evolve into the great pornstar he is becoming. 

The Guy Site was host to Davin Strong’s hardcore gay porn debut. So you know I wanted to reach out to the site that made porn history with Davin. I was provided an exclusive video Q&A featuring Davin. He's answering my questions for Muscle Service while on set, nude, in between scenes! You can imagine how hot and bothered I got at this idea and was so happy to make it happen.

Scroll down for the exclusive video interview!

But First, A Little About Davin

Davin (born Davin Addison) currently stands at 6'1 with over 305 pounds of solid strong muscle. We’ve always asked ourselves who would take the place of bodybuilding sexual greats like Zeb Atlas and maybe Davin is that answer. Zeb stood taller at 6’3 but on average weighed a less at 275 lbs. (Could be off but that is what I found to be Zeb's max recorded weight).

Besides being a great social media personality, Davin also is an accomplished competitor. He placed 1st at the 2019 Steve Karr Las Vegas Classic, Men's Super Heavyweight division.

Exclusive Video Interview!

Now for what you came for! Check out our exclusive interview below and hear the sexy Adonis share some facts about him all while in the nude. P.S., we learned he loves muscle worship and got into it right as he started bodybuilding / participating in college wrestling. 

The Guy Site / Davin Strong Catalog

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Thanks again to The Guy Site!