dan steele muscle god

Posting this photo of Dan Steele muscle god on Twitter started something major.

So, of course, I had to add some of the images I had shot of him (the above is not one):

All of which led to much discussion:

Leading to rediscovering this amazing Dan Steele video:


“The night I met Dan Steele! Ever since I first saw him in a bodybuilding magazine, I couldn't erase his powerful image from my mine. The one night, in LA for business, I saw his ad, called him and asked him if he'd like to come up to my hotel in West Hollywood for a “private” posing session. If it weren't for the snapshots I took that night, no one would have believed that I actually spent an hour alone with DAN STEELE!”


Dan also did some work for JimmyZ. Both a live BBJAM and…

“Dan performs at a fundraiser displaying his massive pumped body. Then in a clip of a private showing everything comes off to show the rest of his powerful chest, arms, and that beautiful cock he‘s so proud of.”

Private Home Video
Featuring Dan Steele
Jimmy Z Productions
September 9, 2009

What are Your Memories of Dan Steele Muscle God?

I'm sure plenty of you here experienced Dan in one way or another. He did private shows as well as the BBJAM. And, of course, the videos.

Who can share more information about Dan?