I've been gone from this site for a while and I've got plenty of catching up to do — if only my travels had taken me poolside to this ColtStudioGroup video shoot! Nate Karlton and Shay Michaels make an amazing couple, and the free XXX image gallery plus the video below are… wow!

Nate Karlton Fucks Shay Michaels in COLT Manpower

Just in case you're wondering what all takes place in the full scene (or if you're just really into press release descriptions of hot musclefucking), feast your eyes on this:

Like a bronzed statue. COLT Man Nate Karlton’s chiseled muscular body shimmers in perfect symmetry above the surface of the water of a dark pool.  Breathing life into the still erotic scenery, muscle bound Shay Michaels emerges from the dark water between Nate’s legs to feed on the meaty bulge in Nate’s tight fitting bathing suit.  Nate’s manly passions ignite as he rises to the occasion.

Exploring their muscular bodies with their hands and mouths they come together, kissing, stroking and sucking, their hard cocks throbbing as they grind against each other.  Nate feeds Shay an ample mouthful of his rock hard tool.  With plenty of intense deep tongue kissing and mutual cock sucking their hunger for each other builds.

Nate turns his attention to Shay’s furry muscled ass. Lowering Shay’s suit Nate works his way into that hot man-hole.  Probing, licking and teasing Shay’s hole with his throbbing cock, Nate has that ass begging to get mounted.  Nate gives that hole one last tease before diving in.  Moaning with pleasure, Shay takes every inch as Nate delivers a hard drilling from the get-go.   Nate drills that hole hard and deep.  Once his ass is good and punished, Shay gets up on top of Nate’s meaty pole and takes a hard and wild ride. Muscle pounds against muscle as Shay impales his bubbled, hairy ass on Nate’s cock. Jacking himself off as he rides, Shay explodes, shooting a hot wad of white cum across Nate’s tight abs.

With his ass punished and his balls drained, Shay gives Nate a helping hand; taking turns, they stroke a gushing load from Nate’s pulsating cock. Their steamy hot loads mix together as they melt into each others' grip after a good hard fuck.