There are a few words that come to mind when you think of muscle worship. Bodybuilder, muscle (obviously), hard, men, sex, and of course FLEX. And personally, there is one name that comes to mind when you think of live muscle worship: Jimmy Z. Combine Jimmy Z and FLEX and you get a new live muscle worship show now in San Francisco, CA.

live muscle worship

The original Jimmy Z productions were held live at Faultline in Los Angeles, CA. They live forever in the recorded Bodybuilder Jams but that can only satisfy our lust for muscle shows so much. Unfortunately, the bar is no longer there, lost during the pandemic lock down. So there is no chance of those shows being rebooted there. Luckily, FLEX, a new live muscle worship experience, is now in SF. There have already been three nights of live flexing and muscle admiration.

Through my research and love for all things muscle worship, I came across Andrew Dombos aka musclepupbadge on Instagram. What caught my attention besides his great look was when I read his bio. “Host of FLEX, muscle worship quarterly at Powerhouse.” Yes we have spoken of kicking off a revival of Jimmy Z shows here at Muscle Service. So I was immediately surprised and excited at the prospects of someone having kicked off a similar show.

Of course, I found a way to get a hold of Andrew. We've spoken by phone few times and we share the same interests. Lust for muscle, muscle worship, and the live muscle worship shows we want to make a huge presence again.

“I first found the illustrations of the men of Tom of Finland with their rugged outlaw masculinity. That led to magazines and videos of bodybuilders flexing and working out. I was captivated. Iconic producer Jimmy Z gave life and color to my muscle worship fantasies just like he did for so many other men. I wanted an event that celebrates these men and those of us who admire them or emulate them. And I realized that to have the muscle worship event I wanted, I would have to create it myself. I  was inspired by those who came before me, and hopefully FLEX is inspiring others as well.”

Andrew Dombos

Are you competing and want to feel the love?

Andrew is always looking for new talent who enjoys being worshiped and is open to performing live. Ideally, he is looking for a pro competitive builder to highlight. Are competing and want to feel the love and lust from an admiring audience? Then DM Andrew at musclepupbadge when you can. 

The next show is being held on Friday Dec 9th at Powerhouse in San Francisco (1347 Folsom St). Sponsored by Mr. S Leather, Fitness SF, and Steamworks Baths benefiting the Grass Roots Gay Rights Foundation. Make sure to spend your Friday night feeling up some muscle there!

live muscle worship