I missed A Skin So Soft when it was first around. The documentary following 6 giant men premiered in 2017. It is now being featured on NakedSword.com (of all places!). I think I need to get more up-to-date on what the crew at NS is up to…

Jean-François, Ronald, Alexis, Cédric, Benoit and Maxim are modern-day gladiators. The group includes high-level bodybuilders, a strongman and an ex-champion-turned-trainer. As they prepare for future competitions, they follow extreme diets and slave away at the gym. Each man pursues his own personal goals, but all share the same obsession: overcoming the limits of their bodies. A Skin So Soft is an open exploration of the regimented daily lives of these misunderstood monsters.

Documentary by Denis Cote, 2017 – Canada, 94 minutes run time

A Skin So Soft features Cedric Doyon aka Kevin Delorme

Chances are you recognize tatted and pierced Cedric. Since everyone here at Muscle Service is all about the intersection of bodybuilding and porn, we certainly recognize him.

He performed at STOCKBAR in Montreal as Kevin Delorme. I'm guessing that was before filming A Skin So Soft.

Cedric/Kevin is also well-represented in photo shoots. Both on stage at bodybuilding competitions and… elsewhere.

Have you seen the documentary? Let us know what you think!