Guess what? The PR Fairies did a pretty good job with this one. Here, have a read, then enjoy the clip and the gallery of Jeremy Walker and Chris Bines from the latest Falcon release, “Naughty Pines 2”, below:

Jeremy Walker is an imposing mass of hard muscle. Waking up in the woods, he steps out of his tent for a morning piss. Cock already in hand, he may as well have a wank. It's a tossup which of them is more surprised when hiker Chris Bines emerges from the trees. When Jeremy offers Chris his cock, Chris eagerly accepts by peeling off his shirt and going to work right there. Jeremy then reciprocates, escalating the action to eating and fingering the hairy crack of Chris' ass with lots of enthusiastic grunting. They throw an army blanket over a picnic table for Jeremy to give Chris an intense, connected fucking. Chris flips onto his back and Jeremy accelerates until Chris' cock erupts in cum. Jeremy shoots on Chris' cock and balls.

And here's the clip:

And here's the gallery:

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