hairy muscle daddy

Who doesn't love a big hairy muscle daddy? And BigPJ has always been one of the hottest muscle daddies I know.

Who's your favorite? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

Of course, Carl Hardwick will always be another favorite for many men. You know him from the heyday of Jim French's COLT Studio. And Adam Champ is someone who meets the muscle daddy standard. At least around here.

And let's not forget Rogan Richards! He's got that hairy muscle daddy look and attitude for days, right? As a result, he has developed a major following. We've covered him on The Muscle Service Station. And we keep a sharp eye on his online accounts as well.

Do we count Tom Katt among the favorite hot muscle daddy types? He's absolutely one of mine and it was amazing to photograph him back when he was super-built and totally hairy.

I almost forgot: Pete Kuzak certainly fits the hairy muscle daddy bill! Pete is one of the all-time best loved COLT men. Jim French shot him both smooth and hairy, as our recent post attests to.

When it comes to the type, The Guy Site excels. Their roster of hairy muscle includes Derek Bolt, Steve Strongarm, Davin Strong, Damien Stone, Jack 5, and more.

I'm throwing Alex James‘s name into the ring, too!