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Okay, so… this Jason Adonis post was originally published on Thanksgiving Day, 2009 (hence the punny title). And, here we are in 2020 and, unfortunately, MuscleArena.com no longer exists. But I do believe I still have all of these photos. And I'm working to get them and many more added here over time.

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Good-looking in a way that gay men and straight women both swoon over, gay adult superstar Jason Adonis (aka Nicholas Wilson) was a natural for porn and fit right in when he made his first movie in 2002. Through the years Jason worked for top studios such as COLT Studio Group, Falcon Studios, and Jet Set Men, and then Raging Stallion Studios signed him to a 16-month contract in September 2010. Jason shot a scene for Tony Dimarco's ‘Brutal,' the studio's big porn blockbuster movie for 2010.

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Lawd Geezuz!… Jason Adonis; your booty is a wet dream fantasy cum (all over) to life… Oh, the dreams I”ve had of wanting to get to handfuls of his booty cakes and devouring them face down; endlessly… For King / Queen / flag and country… but mostly… for me…. and my own gluttonous; not so guilty pleasure in my bed… Late night snacking on dem booty cakes is the best!

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I remember when I was 14 and looked 21 I met Jason Adonis in SF. We both were single for the weekend and partied like it; picking up every night, 3-4 times each day. And we hooked up on Spring Break like 8-10 years ago judging a Wet T shirt contest. We hooked up with 2 contestants and the winner. I ended up with The chick who was the biggest Whore and Jason make the big tit winner his main slut.

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Want to fuck a real gay porn star? Well, we can't promise you that, but you still can watch Jason Adonis have rough anal sex.

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