As a special Throwback Thursday, I am happy to cover a series in porn that encompasses everything Muscle Service stands for: hard bodied, “roided” men doing what men do best with each other, FUCK! The series in question? Raging Stallion Studios and J.D. Slater’s Centurion Muscle. Directed by porn legend J.D. Slater, the series was first released in 2005 and brought to the forefront a number of men which would continue to dominate the gay pornverse in the early 2000s. In my head, this series would continue to influence a series of other films which I will discuss in future Throwback Thursdays. 

With Centurion Muscle, a major studio was continuing to give us what we wanted. At the same time Blue Blake was producing his muscle-centric films with campy themes and J.D. Slater successfully tapped into a grittier sexual version of muscle porn. Personally, I believe that this series brought some iconic porn legends that helped make this series what it was. Just like Jim Slade, Caesar, Tom Katt & Robert Van Damme became the face of of Blue Blake films, Centurion Muscle gave us daddy Jake Deckard (who would later direct Centurion Muscle 5: Maximus), beefy Erik Hunter, legend Francois Sagat, eager-bottom Lucas Di Fubbiano and hard-bodied Xerxes with an iconic ass. This era also brought back interest in the muscular hairy chested man, led by Hussein himself. Hussein had a solid strong career between 2004-2008 and dominated being the face of many movies proudly showing off his hard bodied hairy chest. 

The series successfully had 5 full length films and there is no way I could pick a favorite. I should take the time to rewatch each movie today for better research! For now, I leave you with a number of photos from the series. Let me know which scene, movie or actor was your favorite.  

Centurion Muscle 

Starring: Huessein, Erik Hunter, Carlos Morales, Bo Knight, Ken Braun & Ruben D’Angelo

Centurion Muscle 2: Alpha

Starring: Francois Sagat, Xeres, Lucas Di Fubbiano, Danny Mann, Blake Nolan & Leo Rocca

Centurion Muscle 3: Omega

Starring: Blake Nolan, Erik Hunter, Hussein, Jake Deckard, Mick Powers, Aaron Action, Ken Mack, Lee Mane, & Trey Casteel

Centurion Muscle 4: Erotikus

Starring: Xerxes, Brendan Davies, Brock Hunter, Hank Dutch, Erik Hunter, Hussein, Jake Deckard, Shane Alexander & Trey Casteel

Centurion Muscle 5: Maximus

Starring: Peter Axel, Tober Brandt, Hank Dutch, Nick Angelo, Brock Hatcher, Charlie Fabravo, Nick Caezer, Rocky Torrez & Vin Costes