It's good to see a new guy who seems to have that Colt look, and Marlon Segura is one of those guys. I think he's got a way to go before he's really the size and conditioning (and masculinity) of the classic COLT men, but he's one of the best I've seen from them in a while.

He has a new scene, and here's what the PR Fairies have to say about the scene, which you can see HERE:

Camera equipment, lights and a window overlooking the bustling city is all it takes to trigger an exhibitionist streak in COLT Man Marlon Segura. With a few dumbbells to help inspire him, Marlon's muscle-bound naked body and his thick uncut cock are on full display. Inhaling the man-scent from his jockstrap, Marlon slowly strokes his meaty pole, enjoying the sensation as he pulls the foreskin back and forth across the head of his throbbing cock. Making intimate eye contact through the camera lens, Marlon makes a deep connection and aims to please. His aching balls swell as he strokes his shaft with urgency, until a white-hot stream of cum flows like a river from his gushing cock.

Okay. Well. So HERE is the scene, and HERE is the Marlon Segura page on

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