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Brian Cerf photographed by Jim French for COLT
Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBrian CerfCOLTDick HugeEd DinakosJake TannerJim FrenchmonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Magazinesmuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipMuscleService.comPete Kuzak

Exploring the Masculine Artistry of Colt Studio’s Iconic Photographer Jim French

Who Is Jim French and What Makes His Work at Colt Studio Iconic? Jim French (1932-2017) still stands as a legendary photographer who began creating iconic images for Colt Studio in the 1970s. His work is known for its artistry and masculinity, and it has become an inspiration to many …

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Super Bowl Weekend Porn & More Massive Men!

It’s finally here, Super Bowl weekend!!! While I normally talk about porn, today I need to talk about the Chiefs vs the Eagles and how I hope Mahomes comes out on top in his third Super Bowl appearance over four years. A true MVP! Ok well not really, that’s all …

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tom prince bodybuilder
Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBodybuildingCOLTJim FrenchMike JaggersmonstermusclemanMuscle ForumsMuscle Man SoloMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipTom Prince

Colossal Tom Prince Bodybuilder, aka Mike Jaggers Colt Model

Tom Prince was a bodybuilder who was born on February 14th, 1971. He was also known as Mike Jaggers. Here he shows off his incredible body at age 25. He has been featured in numerous magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men’s Health, and more. His first major competition …

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big beefy men
"Bodyguards"Ace's LatestBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexcockCOLTColtStudioGroup.comCumFernando NielsenGay Muscle SexJulian VincenzomonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comWin Diesel

Colt Porn Videos of Big Beefy Men: Bodyguards Get Frisky

Around the MuscleService office we love to see it. Colt porn videos of big beefy men having sex. Big Beefy Men in Colt Porn Studio Group’s “Bodyguards” Let’s hear what those amazing guys behind the scenes have to say. You know who I mean. The Press Release Fairies! The story …

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gigantic billy herrington
"Body Shop""Conquered""Playing With Fire"Ace's LatestAll Worlds VideoBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBilly HerringtonBodybuilder SexBodybuildingChi Chi LaRueCOLTJimmy Z ProductionsmonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle MagazinesMuscle Man SoloMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle

Gigantic Billy Herrington: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Gigantic Billy Herrington. There is no need for an introduction of the legend himself. Take a trip down memory lane with me. I’m sure you are already happily reminiscing about all the fun this man brought to life.  Gigantic Billy Herrington: The Beautifully Sculpted Adonis I personally cannot remember the …

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"Muscle Penitentiary"Ace Bannon PresentsAce's LatestBannon MenBannon Men: The Photography of Ace BannonBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBigPJBigRogerBlue BlakeBodybuilder SexBodybuildingCaesarCOLTColtStudioGroup.comFakhri MubarakGaugeJake GianelliJimmy Z ProductionsMark DaltonmonstermusclemanMuscle CompetitionMuscle DaddyMuscle ForumsMuscle Man SoloMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comRick CollinsRod RoddickSteroidsXXXXXX Video

Steroids Maketh Man: The Roided Ones – Rod, Jake, and Ryan

In praise of steroids and what hard work and dedication in the gym create. What is a muscle man? Who is a bodybuilder? How did we get to the current muscle porn and gay sex landscape? And what do steroids have to do with it? These are some of the …

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carl hardwick bodybuilder
"Perfection Revealed"Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexBodybuildingCarl HardwickCOLTmonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Man SoloMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipMuscleService.comXXXXXX Video

Powerful Carl Hardwick Bodybuilder is Colt’s Legendary Body

The Carl Hardwick bodybuilder legacy is well known. So I don’t understand why the guys at Colt find this so difficult: But at least it gives me an excuse to feature this. While their inability to group a photo with a caption may leave me shaking my head, we can …

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spencer reed porn
"Manpower"Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXCOLTColtStudioGroup.comMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comSpencer ReedXXXXXX Video

Making My Way Back To: Spencer Reed Porn

I forgot about Spencer Reed porn. Totally weird. But I completely forgot about him until I randomly saw this online somewhere: Damn. He looks good. Is he still around? Back when “New Colt” cared… For a while after John Rutherford and his crew took over COLT and turned it into …

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Colt Studio Muscle Ranch Scene 3
"Muscle Ranch"Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXBodybuilder SexBodybuildingCOLTColtStudioGroup.comEd DinakosJake TannermonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comXXXXXX Video

Colt Gay Porn Muscle Ranch Scene 3: Fantastic Farmhands

I just realized I’ve never posted about this Colt gay porn: Muscle Ranch Scene 3. Feast your eyes on this while Ed Dinakos feasts on Jake Tanner’s giant cock: I mean. If you’re gonna use the ranch to shoot muscle porn, this is how you do it. SEE THE FULL …

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bodybuilder porn
Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexBodybuildingCOLTHOMO-GYMmonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle EroticaMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipMuscleService.comRogan Richards

Bodybuilder Porn: Rogan Works His Enormous Arms

Did Muscle Service invent bodybuilder porn? I didn’t invent bodybuilding nor did I invent porn. And, let’s be real, Jim French was here before me. Yet… Nah. I’m not that much of an egotist. But I do admit that I wonder about a few things. Without Muscle Service, would we …

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