In today’s important topic of discussion I ask: Do we care about masked men in porn? Does being masked change the appeal of content we watch? 


While I understand the reason for being masked (anonymity), I want to know if it prevent audience members from watching. Do we care to see who is behind the mask? Or do we only care about the chiseled body being sexually serviced? This topic came up yesterday while talking to a new friend about the prospects of him jumping into porn. As of now, he would only if he can remain masked behind his internet persona: RoidPup and the discussion came up if not showing face would limit his career. 

Personally, I love to see facial expressions during sex and while watching porn, and a masked face limits the experience with that. However there have been instances where the content is so hot I could care less.

Our friends at The Muscle Mafia have made it their brand

And with them it works. Carlo, The Boss, radiants dominant sexuality. And as I see it, keeping that mask on makes his persona “The Boss” come to life and for me it works. There is the sexy appeal that these men need to hide their identity because off-camera they are your next door bodybuilding neighbor who enjoys what he does with men behind closed doors.

And of course, there is 

“Created in 2006 by Pascal, an amateur videographer, after he stumbled on a unique way of enticing straight guys to let him film them — by offering them a mask to hide their identities. Filmed in an intimate one-on-one setting, Pascal soon found these so-called straight guys would lose their inhibitions behind the mask. The result? Tons of the hottest guys stripping, stroking their hard cocks, and pushing beyond their limits.”

On the other hand, I understand how masked anonymity can be limiting.

Like I said, I have kicked off a friendly relationship with Twitter user RoidPup. Our conversation started as a response to MuscleService relaunching the JimmyZ BBJAM and how Caesar was an inspiration as the iconic muscle bottom in Caesar’s Hard Hat Gang Bang. A few weeks later, we talked about him becoming the new Caesar, filming a scene inspired by the gangbang and the topic of removing the mask came up. As of now, this mask stays put due to his professional career.

Fuck our 9-5 lives. Of course, I knew where RoidPup was coming from and respect the decision to stay masked, but how amazing would it be if we could see this emerging sexy stud fufill his dreams and fantasies.

In response to the topic he stated:

“Performing masking is about a shift in focus from identity to objectivity. Seeing Caesar getting gang banged was the spark that lit me. I have his body type, his grit and his type quads but what I really loved most was how they objectified him, they could sense what he was and they called him out and he just submitted. They stripped him and then ate his smooth muscle cunt for what felt like hours. He got fed cock while they took turns eating him dumb and feeling his body. Then flipping him over, having all [their] hands groping him and then the guys made him tell them what he wants, that he wants cock…all their cocks. He gives in and has the guys hold back his legs pushing out that hot juiced muscle ass out for guys to fuck deep. 

THAT. That is a fucking MASTERPIECE. 

There's something to me about a ‘roided out bodybuilder in pup gear or masked. You focus on a sculpted slab of muscle fuckmeat. I have always loved bodybuilder bottoms and knew I had that deep feeling. It's a fun recreation for now. I don't think I'd ever consider it. I just find it super hot. But, money talks lol.”


Talk to me.

I'm looking forward to what life has in store for RoidPup, but for now I want to hear your thoughts on masked performers. Twitter is filled with them. The Masked Bodybuilder for example, who wasn't available for comment at the time for this article. Do you care if pornstars mask? Do you want to see their face? Does it matter? Let me know and we’ll see what continues in porn. 

I mean hey, Fox has The Masked Singer, it will only be a matter of time before parodies this with The Masked Performer.