“All bodybuilders love to be worshiped, in front of the mirror, flexing, oiled up.” 

-Ben Kieren, Muscle Companion

Hotter words have never been uttered. But you haven't met the massive muscle companion who said them. Yet.

I feel like a lot of muscle admirers are not always sure of how men feel being admired. Present company included. Do they appreciate it? Are they having a great time? Is this a one way deal? Or are these muscle companions getting off on it too? Well, our introductory quote came from an actual bodybuilder. And it's extra hot knowing that bodybuilders love showing off.

The bodybuilder in question: roided muscle companion, Ben Kieren.

I am sure you've seen photos of this blond bodybuilder with a perfect V taper physique. I was lucky enough to hear those words while securing this Muscle Service exclusive for all the fans out there!

Celebrating the reboot of his OnlyFans, massive muscle companion Ben Kieren gave us quite the exclusive. Ben talks on what has brought him back in front of the camera. We also learn what he misses from the industry and all about his love of being the ultimate muscle companion. Charismatic, approachable and sexy, let's all follow and give some love and attention to muscle worship veteran Ben Kieran! 

Ben's content on Twitter in the last year or so first intrigued me. His constant pic updates always came up on my feed so I reached out for a one-on-one. I soon discovered how easy he is to speak with, attentive and willing to discuss his love for muscle worship. All great qualities you want from a man who loves to connect with fans looking for the ultimate Muscle Companion. 

Ben shared how he’s been shadow banned before and wants to make sure you see his nudes and content. So if you like what you see it, make sure to like and retweet later in your day. We all need to support our roided muscle companions.


It’s clear that Ben has put enough time in the gym that would rival any pro athlete. His life in fitness came early, being fairly good playing football and at track which led him to lifting weights. His need to be at peak physical levels led him to choose lifting over football and thank god for that. Him playing sports in high school and college must've given wet dreams to all the students who saw him. If we had been in class together, you know I would've thrown myself at him. I'd have been cupping a feel at any possible moment.

Ben has been lifting for over 20 years. His best features are his an iconic V taper physique: lats leading into a small waist, shoulders and traps. When you have a body like that, it’s only natural to show it off for the world to admire. And men wanting a massive muscle companion loved it.

Camera Work & Escorting

Ben’s reasons for being in front of the camera were similar to many of the men we love to worship. The need for cash. We all recall getting out of college and needing some money. Ben exclusively told us that he first applied to the world famous Sean Cody website. Only 21, he was quickly approved. But, after been flown from Boston to San Diego to shoot, Ben got cold feet. This could have been the end of his porn career. Instead, he discovered he was better at performing one-on-one than in front of the team at Sean Cody.

Imagine a world where Ben had been an early model of Sean Cody? I wonder who his scene partner would have been? I fantasize what that would’ve looked like. Luckily for us he went instead in the direction of muscle worship and admiration. Making him the amazing muscle companion you find today.

Rent Boy

In between Sean Cody and his next professional stop, he discovered the now defunct sites Rent Boy and Craigslist. By then, Ben had already discovered his bisexual origins so playing with men was not strange to him. But it was a female friend with benefits who reminded him that his body could provide some financial revenue. The unnamed friend was a happy endings massage therapist who lifted the veil into the income masseuses could make. So Ben stroked muscles when he could until he created his first online profile on Rent Boy. And the roided muscle companion was created.

It was Rent Boy that expanded his menu of services from massages, to muscle worship, to kissing. I wonder where that John is? That lucky man was the first to get a massage from Ben. It was from Rent Boy that Ben was discovered by Manifest Men legend Vin Marco & his partner Alek.

We know how professional and nurturing massive muscle companion Vin Marco can be. It was the environment Manifest Men provided that eased Ben into showing it all in front of the camera. Thus leading him to be a Manifest Men exclusive under the name Kerry. On-set stills show a hands-on Vin Marco helping Ben get into solo shots and jack off videos that remain online. 

Advice to The Worshiper

Curious for my future personal visit with muscle companion Ben (manifesting this!), I asked what advice he offers to those seeking to spend time with roided muscle companions and one thing is clear: communication. Like with any venture in life, open and honest communication is key where expectations are appropriately set. If you set up boundaries before meeting disappointment can be avoided.

He also suggests to participate in some form of authentication from both sides. Face timing, calling and even sending a small deposit before builds trust. Ensuring the arrangement won't be a waste of time for both parties. As Ben described, this is an underground world so there isn't a better business bureau you can speak to if a personal meetup with a massive muscle companion does not go well. Better to save the reputation of the bodybuilder and worshiper with clear communication before both parties are left unsatisfied with blue balls. 

Muscle companion

Ben had great things to say about his time as a private roided muscle companion and I appreciate and love to hear someone actually admit to loving it! Some of this best experiences has led him to have lifelong friends, people whom he considers transcended the client relationship into a true friendship. Of course there is the ability to travel as well having held muscle worship sessions in cities like New Jersey, Las Vegas, Chicago & Washington DC. Sex, Ben & Las Vegas sounds like the perfect combination.

With everything, there is always the taboo and the strange. And while Ben reassures that there is no judgment, as he reminds us that these encounters are not to be judged, he lives by the typical rules of no scat, no blood, no pain. I'm sure there are settings where people love to experience size difference fantasies between the bodybuilder and someone with a smaller frame but Ben is not looking to send anyone to the hospital.

Only Fans

As mentioned, Ben is looking to reboot his OnlyFans account. For now, we expect to see solo action with constant updates from his work at the gym but there is room for collaborations and scenes with other men. He knows his audience would love to see him with both men his size and smaller twinks and I am here for it all. Currently, he is gauging who would the best to collaborate with luckily for us, his good friend – Vin Marco comes to mind.

To his fans he wants to remind everyone he appreciates all the love and support. He states he really missed the industry which left a real lack from his life without it so it's clear he’s excited to be back. And hearing back to the audio from our interview, his following words got me hard as a rock! 

“[My sexual turn on…] definitely Muscle Worship! All bodybuilders love to be worshiped, in front of the mirror, flexing, oiled up. As far as pure sex , good kissing, good oral sex (both ways)…who doesn't love getting their cock sucked…just a clean eager bottom.”


Seems like Being a muscle companion has always been his love and man do I love to hear that he’s missed it deeply. In conclusion, above all other great qualities, what makes Ben absolutely sexy AF is his open mindedness to being muscle worshiped, an escort and companion. If it isn't enough of a hint, I appreciate that his current Rent Men ad is exactly who he is: a Muscle Companion. Ben is open to showing off both a shaved body and a hairy chest.

Since last year, Ben now dons a new tattoo around his lower abs.