Today I am glad to bring you a demigod himself, Heracles! Unless you’ve been living under a rock–or suffering from Covid like I did–you know today’s social media highlight. Heracles, a Spanish bodybuilder and pornstar on the rise, has been making headlines in the “gay perverse pornverse“. I am sure our friends at Muscle Service will appreciate him for years to come. 

How It All Started

Since his debut in 2019, Heracles has built quite the following. Working with studios including Masqulin, Tim Tales and Kristen Bjorn. KB is where he was first discovered and was lucky enough to perform alongside Max Hilton, another favorite of mine. I personally feel like I’ve been following Max Hilton since the start of his career. But that's a discussion for another day. At Kristen Bjorn, Heracles filmed a number of scenes including his superhero themed scene with Marcos Oliveira. You know I love when superheroes cross over into porn, so this was quite the find! 

OnlyFans? Not Quite…

Stepping outside of the professional studio realm, Heracles has created an OnlyFans. And here is where I have to pass some judgment. I joined his OnlyFans. I was sorely disappointed to learn that much of his content sticks to simple 30 seconds clips. And, while the content included x-rated interactions with others, I was again disappointed by the lack of full length videos.

My universal belief is OnlyFans accounts need to keep up with major studios and have lengthy clips. We already get 20 second teasers on Twitter, your OnlyFans page does not to be the same. The opportunity OnlyFans provides is to create great amateur action that rivals studio content. Right? Who knows, maybe Heracles will do a scene with fellow beefy stud AMiNoMeDariaMiedo and keep me happy.

Regardless, the muscle bound Spanish stud with a jawline to die for is hopefully here to stay. And my horny side does appreciate a professional competing bodybuilder crossing over into porn. Before jumping into porn, the young athlete competed as a Terminator-esque cyborg on stage. I appreciate his creativity, and willingness to perform on camera for the world to watch.


His Opportunities Await

While not at Zeb Atlas level, Heracles has the opportunity to make himself a superstar in muscle-centric fantasies. (Zeb played the Alpha Top Male role too well to ever have much competition.) 

Fun Fact: In seeing him get pounded by Daddy Tim of Tim Tales, I noticed Heracles has webbed feet. Maybe he should use that to his advantage and tackle the foot fetish community?? 

Let me know what you think of Heracles. Who are other stars I should keep an eye out for? And please share your thoughts on OnlyFans content. 

Author’s note: I did contact Heracles for an exclusive Muscle Service interview. He only responded with a link to his Twitter. Maybe there was a language barrier? But even in responding in Spanish (fluent here) I got the same response.