What makes a bodybuilder a muscle worship lover?

My name is Rock Massmuscle. or as I am called, Mr. Muscleflex. I love muscles. Young muscle, older muscle, FUCK, I love all muscle. 

muscle worship


For me, it started as a kid who watched cartoons. yeah, that’s right, cartoons! Well, first off, I am most likely older than you who’s reading this and there were cartoons on TV that got my growing cock boned as fuck. To give you an example, one was “Popeye”. Yes Popeye, if you do know that cartoon. If any of you know that cartoon, in times of trouble, Popeye would eat  spinach and then his biceps would get huge. Then he would do a double bicep flex showing off his hot bicep peaks, and when that happened! Oh fuck, my cock would grow just like his biceps. I was young, but that boner felt so good and seeing popeye fighting the bad guy with his huge biceps kept my boner hard as fuck. Then there was “Mighty Mouse”. This mouse was really built. Huge pecs, big biceps, and hot abs. And when he fought the bad guy Mighty Mouse would do a double bicep flex and fuck, that got my cock hard too.

Then of course, there were bodybuilding magazines, bodybuilding competitions on TV, and even muscle guys on commercials. (not many, but there were a few). ? ????

Then as i got older, after doing “PE” i would go to the showers and be in a group of boys soaping up who some had some hot muscles just naturally and fuck i had to try to hide my growing boner from these guys that could be straight, not gay. It was later when I turned 20 that I really wanted to be a bodybuilder. Before that age of 20, I was chunky and kinda fat but I knew I could get muscular boys if I got muscle also. One of the fucking smartest things I have ever done. 


I started pumping iron with a hot trainer at the gym and the fat fell away, I got really ripped and then from his training started getting my muscles growing and growing. After about 6-7 months, I started looking at my muscles in the mirror after my pumping in the gym and eventually, I would shower at home, look at my pecs and biceps and my cock would get massively hard. I would flex and would jack my hard cock getting off on my growing muscles. Seeing my muscles so much bigger with veins popping out, I had to jack my cock, and as I looked at my pecs while flexing my biceps I would jack my cock at the same time and fuck, I would moan and think about a muscle guy look at me flex admiring my muscles. I would squirt a fuckin gallon of cum all over my mirror. Then and there, I wanted to show off and see if guys would moan and say “oh fuck, your muscles are so huge and your so fuckin buff, fuck i’m gonna cum, i’m gonna fuckin cum”. It’s then I knew i had to go to the sauna or steam at the gym after I give my muscles a super fuckin pump to see if guys would get boners looking at me. And if I could get all of them to squirt their hot muscle building cum all over my biceps and pecs and nips. 


So one night after pumping for over 2 hours, I went into the steam room. It was around 10 pm and the weight room was not crowded but the steam had a lot of guys in there. All I had on my muscular body was nothing but a towel around my cock and ass and that’s all. The boys in the steam wore the same. There, I realized that I had more muscle than most of the boys in that hot steam room. As I sat down on the upper part of the steam I saw boys looking at me and some kept looking at me. Even in the steam, I could see those boys rubbing their cocks under their towels. Then I knew I had to see what would happen if I did a double bicep flex like I saw the pro guys doing in those muscle competitions. I did and fuck,i could hear most of those guys moan, with some saying “oh fuck man, flex those huge ceps” or “oh fuck keep flexing”. As they said that, I saw those guys removing those towels and fuck, they had hot huge boners, stroking their cocks as I flexed my pumped biceps and pecs. Then, one boy came up to me and started licking my hard nips and pecs and fuck, that felt so fuckin good and my boner was growing even bigger and harder! 

To be honest, I didn’t know if I was all alone in this kind of attraction to boys and men at that age. Yea, later on I didn’t know anyone who loved muscle like I do. but that would change later when I went to a bathhouse and had a flex off with another muscle boy to see who is bigger. I could see his cock hard as he saw me flexing for him, but when he started licking my pecs and my biceps, I asked him if he gets off on muscle and he said: “oh fuck yeah man, I love seeing ripped guys with hot bicep peaks and hot pecs and flexing really gets me so horned up”. I told him that I love the same thing. Oh fuck, his biceps were so huge and his pecs so smooth and rock hard. We licked each other’s biceps and pecs and now, for the first time being with another muscle boy, I was so horned. I asked him to flex and when he did his biceps made my cock explode with cum exploding all over his face and pecs and the only thing I could do after drenching him in so much cum, was lick it off. When I did his huge cock throbbed to a major blast of cum going into my mouth and face and all over my biceps, which I licked off. Every fuckin drop! He then kissed me, licking and tasting that muscle building cum from my “love of cum” mouth. Since then, we have been friends for years and years, and we still have hot muscle worship sex and cock sucking and hot cum squirting even now after so many years. 

After that, in the gym weight room or the steam room or sauna I had hot muscle sex with other muscle lovers. 

I know in the gym the ones who love muscle or have muscle and want muscle are the ones who love to show off and be admired after a huge pump. They flex in front of the mirror after a bicep pump, or a tricep pump, and especially a pec pump. Hot men will do about 6 or 7 sets of 12 reps or more while wearing a skimpy tank top that almost shows all their pecs. They have posing oil on to make them look even bigger and more ripped, and fuck yeah, they do! And as they flex their pecs or biceps, they look around,  just to see if anyone is looking. Fuck yeah guys are looking and as they flex they makes their biceps and pecs and triceps even bigger with every flex. 

Men in a crowded gym weight room who have hot ripped muscles do the same only after they know they are so super pumped as they look in the mirror, They even get a boner looking at their muscle growth and how ripped they have gotten and even more horned seeing how gorgeous their bicep peaks have gotten. Fuck i’ve seen a few muscle boys licking their muscles in front of the weight room mirror. Before they go to the steam together with towels and sweat dripping down their huge pumped pecs and biceps ready to flex and show off in the steam room.

muscle worship

This happens late at night in a 24 hour gym that is always open.


To be really honest, I've been in a gym like that and man, the steam room at 1:00, 2:00, or 3:00am, has the hottest, most gorgeous muscular men participating in the hottest muscle worship, cock worship, and cum worship. And what I mean about cum worship is so many of those men that flex and show off fuckin love that cum dripping down their just pumped bicep peaks or their hard as steel pecs and nips. And I fuckin love hot muscle boys licking that cum from my hard pecs as it’s dripping down my face, pecs and hard nips, Fuck man it makes your cock explode seeing and licking so much fuckin cum. Just that type of muscle worship alone makes you a muscle worship lover. 

Just the other day, I was at the gym in the afternoon and my pump was fuckin hot after a 2 hour power pump in the weight room. After that hot muscle building erotic pump of my huge muscles, I went into the sauna and it was empty, so as I sat on the lower level, a hot ripped young muscle boy wearing just a towel sat opposite me. He was fucking hot as hell, his smooth pecs, hot nips and biceps were amazing. Not huge, but fuck what peaks on those biceps he had. I was a little jealous of him thinking I don't look as good as him. Ii had to do a double bicep flex to see what he would do and he did the same. Fuck those biceps got so big with those peaks. He then took off the towel and his cock was huge and fully erect, and he flexed and jacked his huge boner. As that young hot muscle boy jacked and flexed gorgeous muscles, another hot muscle boy came in and sat beside him. He started flexing his biceps and jacking his hard cock, (I was flexing and jerking at the same time). Then a 3rd hot boy and a younger boy around 18 came in and the ripped muscle boy sat next to those 2 hot muscle boys and the younger one stood above me jacking his hard cock. I then told all 3 of those muscle boys right across from me: “oh fuck man, your muscles are so big and fuck you’re so fuckin ripped, fuckin squirt your hot cum all over my muscles and face as you flex and jack your hard huge cocks”. and fuck they did! Fuckin cum squirting all over my pumped as fuck muscles with cum even squirting all over their pecs and abs. And as they were squirting hot cum, the young boy jacking his cock, squirt a geyser of cum all over my flexed biceps and pecs. Fuck, that was one of the best muscle worship orgys I’ve ever had in a gym sauna. 

I know many guys in gyms or bathouse, or gay porn theatres have had the same hot muscle worship which makes you more addicted to get more hot orgys of muscle sex. Licking all that muscle building cum, after being drenched of hot cum, dripping down gorgeous muscles.


For all of you reading this, if what you just read gave you a rock hard boner, dripping some hot pre-cum from your cock wanting to jack off now and cum, then you are a muscle worshiper. 

I am still a muscle worship lover and I'm still pumping my muscles 5-6 days a week and still getting hot muscle boys to flex with me and cum with me or on me. I think at least 90% of ripped boys or major bodybuilders have either tried muscle worship, and if it didn’t get them off as much as they expected, you should just keep doing hot muscle worship, no matter what!!!  Fuck, I do, and I always will!!! 

I love muscle  worship and I know you who are reading this are muscle worship & cum lovers too!!! Keep the muscle worship and hot squirting of cum flowing and dripping all over all young and older muscle.