It's been too long since we featured a scene with one of our all-time favorite muscle pigs, Erik Rhodes. So how's about a mobile video featuring Erik Rhodes — plus Rod Daily and Ty Colt — from the Director's Cut of “Asylum,” released earlier this year? I thought you might like that…

Here's what the PR Fairies have to say about this scene:

With screams echoing throughout the darkened hallways of the “Asylum”, the fates of all the sex addicts, criminals and perverts lost in its chambers loom ominously. Intent on cracking the mystery, Erik’s efforts are rewarded when he discovers the records room. But before he can dive into the cesspool of documents, he’s knocked unconscious and ferried to one of the dreaded horror chambers.When he comes out of his stupor, Erik finds himself bound and gagged. His fears come to fruition when Dr. Ty Colt and his henchman, Rod Daily, make him pay for his curiosity — he becomes a guinea pig for more experimentation. They attach probes all over his body and shock Erik into blind submission; and their mad scientific actions render him their perfect creation, completely submissive and triggered for hard-on action. Ty and Rod exploit their victim’s vulnerability and a two-on-one assault quickly evolves into a manic menage-a-trois.There is intense sucking, rimming and fucking, topped with Erik’s primed asshole getting a double plugging with Rod’s hard rod and a wicked nightstick. Finally reaching their breaking point, the three men climax one by one. And then Eric is left alone, dazed and bewildered, an unfortunate casualty of the “Asylum”.

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[jwplayer config=”960×540″ mediaid=”4566″]

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