We now pay tribute to Thom Austin.

You know Thom Austin from his Instagram. You may also know him from… somehow being everywhere and nowhere all at once?


Allow Me to Explain

No, I don't mean he has found a way to master spacetime.

He's “everywhere and nowhere all at once” because we all recognize him. Yet it seems so little information exists about Thom Austin. I'm all for that, by the way. I'm also a little bit in awe of his ability to create that level of privacy for himself.

What DO We Know?

Well, to start with, based on his IG profile he's a working trainer in Atlanta. Also based on that profile, he's generous and selfless:

Hello IG friends! Helping others in need. If you have a moment please click this link and donate to Open Hand Atlanta – openhandatlanta.org

Thom Austin Training

I know two other things from personal experience: he is a considerate communicator and his only social media footprint is on Instagram. When I once retweeted something from a Thom Austin / Bo Dixon Twitter account, he contacted me to let me know it wasn't his account. And he doesn't have a Twitter account at all. He was super nice about it.

So, Thom, keep on doing what you love and bringing joy to others!

(He was also nice back in 2009 when he replied to the original version of this post, which is below.)

Hot Daddy Bo Dixon

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