Gotta hand it to Hot House for their topical take on our current times. “Dirty Desert Doctors” has a way of perhaps persuading some to take the jab. In more ways than one…


I recently posted a pic of Lucca Mazzi on my Twitter and everyone went wild. I did a little digging to find out more about this sexpot. And that led me to what Hot House has put together, including this sizzling gallery of shots. Pardon the pun!


Doctor, I think I need a booster.

As always, I couldn't wait to also check out what the PR Fairies had to say about “Dirty Desert Doctors”:

Devin Franco just got his vaccination and has to wait 15 minutes until he's allowed to leave. Much to his surprise, Dr. Lucca Mazzi is completely free and able to give him a full-body examination while he waits. With Devin's pants down and ass out, the doctor rims his patient's furry hole right in the middle of the outdoor vaccination site. The doc then tests Devin's gag reflex by making him swallow every inch of his hard tool before flipping him over to bareback his hole. Wanting to make sure Devin's dick works just as well as his does, Dr. Mazzi bends over and gives the freshly-vaccinated Devin a turn to rim his hairy hole. Devin is soon busting a thick nut all over the doctor's round cheeks and watching the doc stroke himself until his thick meat syringe is shooting out its own load.

Hot House – Dirty Desert Doctors

Oh, right. Devin Franco is in the scene as well, for anyone who cares.

These two actually make a good pair. I'd like to see them in a more down and dirty scene.