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This time it's my old obsession, Samuel Colt, getting off on deep-throating Josh West, who is bound and incapable of defending himself. But, judging by the size of his raging erection, he's having the time of his life!

Let's see what the PR Fairies have to say, shall we?

Josh West is a wrestler who has already been taken down and bound with hands behind his back. His opponent, Samuel Colt, approaches the matt and releases Josh’s massive boner from its lycra wrestling singlet. The two maul each other’s cocks as Samuel manipulates his captive opponent for his own advantage.

Yep, that is some world-class dick sucking @MrSamuelColt is engaging in here. Pardon me while I take a quick pleasure break… Why don't you watch the mobile video while I'm gone:

[jwplayer config=”960×540″ mediaid=”4542″]

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