If there was anything Muscle Service comes down to, is Muscle Worship. Just glance at our site and content, it’s no surprise that Muscle is the preferred genre of gay eroticism. I mean it’s in the name, and since the inception of gay porn, there have been many different forms of Muscle Worship, Male Exhibitionism, and the celebration of the male body. I’ve mentioned many times that Jimmy Z’s Bodybuilder Jams were more iconic than I would’ve ever imagined and regret not attending the shows the moment I hit the legal age limit to be at the now-defunct Faultline in Los Angeles, CA. Still, there is an ounce of hope with the creation of FLEX, a live event held at Powerhouse in San Francisco.

I’ve written about Flex before, in case you missed it. And Muscle Service is honored to be among the first to report on what's becoming a nationwide Muscle Worship event. The imagery on the flyers is reminiscent of iconic vintage bodybuilding magazines. The kind that were considered soft-core porn back in the day.

This week, MusclePupBadge, who hosts the event let us know their featured performers. The guys are Ming, aka MagicMingster, and veteran performer Quincy Burgers, aka seven7flex on Instagram. Let us know if will be in the audience and make sure to share your photos with us.

We are happy to share these Flex shows as they are being produced and hope to collaborate in the future. I am making plans to be in SF for the last show of the year on Friday, Dec. 28th where I plan to get my hands on pecs, biceps, abs, and hopefully so much more!

Flex at Powerhouse