Back in April, we shared the unfortunate news that legendary leather Steve “TitPig” Hurley had passed away. He left behind a giant collection of porn and became one of the iconic leather Daddies porn had produced. His look as the hairy masculine horny leather daddy of the early 2000s was easily recognizable. With his beard, mustache, and protruding nipples he lived up to his stage name. But with every passing, we must celebrate a legacy left behind. And I'm happy to report that TitPig will forever live on. He is to be recognized with a Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. He's joining the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Dinah Shore, Clark Gable, and Shirley Temple. Along with Reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump and President Ronald Regan.

The Commemoration Ceremony will be held Friday October 27th 2023 at 12pm noon on East Arenas Road (corner of Arenas and Palm Canyon Drive by Zin restaurant) and lowkey I would die if his star ended up next to a former President!

A Facebook Event was announced with the following message:

“The friends of Tit Pig have some very exciting news to share. We just received word that the Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame has been approved for Steve Hurley a.k.a. Tit Pig…

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen: those who donated, volunteered and purchased at the auction.

It is only recently that Palm Springs has welcomed renown gay folx as recipients of stars and Steve is one of the first.

A group of friends and admirers of Steve’s, along with Randy Gaston, his husband, has collaborated to raise the $15,000 required for the star. We have worked with the PS Chamber of Commerce and city government to obtain approval of the application we submitted and site selection we feel is appropriate along Arenas where many gay bars and establishments are located.

We expect the commemoration to be very celebratory. There will be a few prepared speeches and time for folx to remember and revel in Steve’s legacy.”