A new podcast has come into the chat! Earlier this year, I wrote about podcasts that entertain me throughout the day. Its funny to know when I am running around LA completing my errands I am not listening to NPR, music or motivational podcasts but rather episodes on muscle worship, porn updates, and life stories from men experiencing their first bukkake party or visit to a sex dungeon. If only the middle-aged woman at Target knew what I was listening to while she asked if I wanted to pay for a bag or not. 

Sorry For Asking

Today, I am happy to celebrate the recent launch of “Sorry For Asking”. Produced and hosted by pornstars Cole Connor and Adam Ramzi,  the hosts talk about anything from personal highlights of the week to breakups, current issues and industry must-know like what it takes to get ready for a fun day at work 😉

A Quick Break…

Make sure to check out our other list on similar podcasts. Of course, we love friends to the site Discretion Advised, as well as others like Let’s Grow Big Together, Demystifying Gay Porn, Pig Talk by Babe Rogers and Naughty Audio for Men. 

Back to the Podcast

‘Sorry For Asking’ brings together longtime friends and award-winning gay adult film performers, Cole Conner and Adam Ramzi, to ask all the questions (and they mean that literally). From talking shop to sharing stories about their experiences in porn, “Sorry For Asking” podcast will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the life and reflections of queer adult content creators. Between their conversations and the parade of guests that will join them, “Sorry For Asking” will ask all the sexy questions you were too afraid to ask. “Sorry For Asking” will make you not sorry for tuning in!”

As described by Apple

I wonder who’s job it is at Apple to review content before it goes up haha. 

Make sure to check it out! Other guests include pornstars Joel Someone, Drew Valentino, comedian H. Alan Scott & actor and event producer Mario Diaz.