If you didn't catch Monday’s post, we’ve been featuring writings by a bodybuilder who goes by the name of Mr. Muscleflex! His first submission featured a 24 hour gym of the future filled with muscle worship, gay sex, porn and all things muscle and cum. While editing and publishing his article, I was reminded of scenes released by one of the best muscle-centric sites of the 2000s in porn: Muscle Hunks. I recently contacted someone behind the site who mentioned they would be moving to an Only Fans platform and start to build new content if people signed on. Unfortunately, before we saw any traction, their account was taken down.  

Anyways, just like Mr. Muscleflex described in his erotic fiction, some of my favorite scenes found on Muscle Hunks include man on man contact, jerk off sessions and classic muscle worship that made the site great! Here is a quick list of some of the scenes from the Muscle Hunks that remind me exactly of what Mr. Muscleflex has written about. I always wonder about the shooting locations where these scenes were shot. Were gym patrons the next day aware that men had cum all over the mats the day / night before? 

Ace and I should buy a gym to let men work out and let their desires run wild.

Benjamin Jackson & Gordon Burke

“Gordon Burke and Benjamin Jackson just happen to hit the gym at the same time one day, and after eyeing each other closely while changing into their workout clothes (Benjamin has a special eye for Gordon's hot ass) it isn't too long before these two muscle studs square off in the wrestling ring to see who is the bigger and stronger man! After a few throws and choke holds going both ways, they decide that the only REAL way to see who is the bigger man is to let the jism fly, right there on the gym floor – and so they do…”

Muscle Hunks

Muscle Grapplers | Featuring Bill Baker and Diego El Potro

“Hard body muscleman wrestler Diego El Potro is pumped, primed, ready and waiting for the match of a lifetime. His dream team opponent? Super Heavyweight muscle puppy Bill Baker! Diego can't believe his luck when pretty boy Bill (all 250 ripped and competition-ready pounds of him) cruises into the locker room, strips down to his jock, flexes powerfully, and silently challenges him to a freestyle duel. These powerful two musclemen don't hold back either on the mat – or later, when they grapple with their super-large tools!”

Muscle Hunks

This scene is exactly what Mr. MuscleFlex has written about. Two men, comparing their muscles live at the gym touching each muscle, pec and building muscle which leads them back to the locker room to jerk off side by side. 

Boris Makov & Scott Kirby

“What happens if a real Latin playboy like Scott Kirby meets Russian strongman and bodybuilding champion Boris Makov? They meet each other for the first time. The tension mounts. And there is no time to go home; especially when nobody else is in the gym anymore. Now you can witness how they challenge each other in the gym and in the wrestling ring. But once they are all heated up it's not enough. They really want to know who shoots the biggest load…”

Muscle Hunks

New Wrestlers Featuring Bill Baker, Ko Ryu, and Timmy Riordan

“There's nothing hotter in our books than watching a couple of masculine bodybuilders working up a sweat in the gym. But we've got a special treat for you in this video. Handsome bad boy Bill Baker is joined on the wrestling mats by Ko Ryu and Timmy Riordan, two other men we've featured here at Muscle Hunks. We know that you're going to love watching these muscle gods tumbling on the mats, wrapping their gargantuan legs around one another, and showing just how powerful they are. You're going to work up a sweat just watching these hunks.”

Muscle Hunks

Nacho's Gym Featuring Amerigo Jackson, Tom Anderson, Macho Nacho & Jack Dreyfuss

“Muscle Hunks 2009 Man of the Year, Amerigo Jackson leads an A-team cast of face wrestlers in one knock down drag out fight in the ring! Wrestling pile-drives it's way back to Muscle Hunks and Amerigo takes on tower of power Tom Anderson, the fan favorite Macho Nacho and new comer, Jack Dreyfus! These massive muscle stars take to the mat to see who will truly dominate the muscle scene.”

Muscle Hunks