There has been a recent resurfacing of a thread on the Muscle Forums featuring photos of Skye Woods from back in 2007. Skye himself has started posting more recent images — like this most current one at 250 pounds — as well as these comments:

Wow, Its seems like forever ago when Jaycbird started this thread. The first pics were of me climbing my way up to 300 pounds for the first time, which I eventually reached later that year in 07. Currently I'm trimming back down from 275 now around 255 pounds and plan on dropping more as I prepare for a big video shoot next moth. I'm thinking more about my health now and plan on staying around 250 or less for a while. I'm heading back to Atlanta today, spent 2 great weeks here in NYC… Here is me at 290 pounds, about  6 months ago, and now, 250 pounds, taken a few days ago.

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