Nicola Scarpa

Nicola Scarpa. If you don't recognize that name, be ready to lust over a massive bodybuilde. He looks like he’s coming out of the pages of a Morphing Muscle photoshop site. In a few words, Nicola is a muscle beast! He is the type of guy that would absolutely catch me unapologetically staring at the gym. Nicola seems to be absolutely massive, and the type of bodybuilder who continuously grows larger with no end in sight. If I'm honest, I don't remember how I came across the image above of Nicola that caught my attention. It may have come from a Twitter account I follow and if that was you, many thanks! 

Real or Photoshopped?

I first reposted a photo of Nicola Scarpa on my Instagram asking if this was a photoshopped image and luckily for us muscle worshippers and admirers, it seems like the photo is in fact NOT photoshopped. My comment section led me to find Nicola’s account and I have been left wanting to see more. From his Instagram alone, we know the pro bodybuilder (competed in NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia Italy) is the CEO of PowerGymVenice, a gym in Italy, and is a spokesperson for Tsunami Nutrition. And to top it off, he stands at a sexy 6 feet, weighing in at a massive 265 pounds. Imagine all that muscle pounding away at you!

From seeing his photos of progress throughout the years, it looks as though Nicola Scarpa is the kind of bodybuilder that we love: that muscle beast addicted to the gym with no thought of stopping anytime soon. I’ve been able to find some previous photos of him and love how quickly he has put on mass.

The lovely, yet annoying photos he posts of his girlfriend lead me to believe the man is straight but as we know, that hasn't stopped hot men from jumping into gay porn in the past. I’ve wished for Florian Poirson to do porn, maybe we can one day be lucky with Nicola Scarpa!