I’ve said it before on Twitter and I am putting thoughts to paper today. I wish bodybuilder Florian Poirson would do gay porn. I know it is a fantasy, but there have been many bodybuilders that once teased the idea of touching a man and are now seeing the profits OnlyFans can bring in. Look at Nick Pulos and Jake Daniel. When Pulos first brought in attention to his stature and alpha looks, he would ignore all inquiries of his sexuality. At the time, he was working for Disney World but remember lusting over his on Instagram asking for more. Same for Jake Daniel, although Daniel quickly became an icon in the Pro-Bodybuilding, muscle porn action. I wish the same with happen with Florian Poirson. 

How Florian Poirson Caught the Bodybuilding Bug

Florian Poirson is incredibly handsome, built and while I have never spoken to the man, oozes charm. From researching this man, it is actually crazy to think he was once dealing with obesity. It was then, that his father took him to the gym where he fell in love with working out before being properly trained by a bodybuilder. You can say the rest is history, and it didn’t hurt that he quickly won and placed in competitions including coming in 1st at the IFBB France National Junior Heavyweight championship in 2015. 

I wonder if there is an alternate universe in which Florian was a famous pornstar. A Zeb Atlas type who was sexually fluid and gave in to receiving attention on and off the bodybuilding stage, accepting muscle worship offers and taking on clients as the male gigolo type. In my fantasies, Florian is making muscle worship porn, being the face of a COLT revival creating bodybuilding porn that would rival the content Blue Blake productions once had. I mean, who knows? One day Florian could wake up and say….I want to shoot with Ace and Eddie at Muscle Service today.