Having just discovered the revived Samuel Colt Twitter account, I wanted to be sure you know about it too.

Let's have a look.


Yep, it was reactivated a while ago, but I didn't know about it until this happened:


To which I say “welcome back!” (Okay, I'm late. But better late than never, right??)

The Samuel Colt Twitter re-emergence made me take a look back in some of my archives. I found this nice video from 2012 courtesy of MenAtPlay.com and thought you'd be interested.

When Samuel Colt wakes up slowly from a fuzzy sleep and finds himself tied to a chair and blindfolded. He panics not knowing what happened to him, or who is holding him captive. But slowly it becomes clear that his captor’s intentions lie far from causing him harm. At first, he feels a hand stroking his thigh, then a tongue running along his neck…. slowly getting him more and more excited by the dangerous thrill of the situation. His cock hardening by the second until it’s freed from his suit trousers by his captor, and sucked slowly.. slowly.. until he’s almost bursting to come. But his captor Alex Marte has only use gotten started with Samuel and goes on to use him for his twisted pleasure, ripping the suit of his muscled body and riding his hard cock till they both shoot their hot loads.

Men At Play

Samuel Colt Twitter Highlights:

I’ve had so many flexing sessions in that very same bathroom…

Samuel Colt Twitter

Happy Dad Day to all the dad’s who have been inside me.

Samuel Colt Twitter

From that time when we geared up for a photo shoot with @AmySchumer for GQ Magazine (circa 2015)

Samuel Colt Twitter

I often get emails asking if I still sell my stuff. I haven't in a long time but the other day I was going through my gear and found a bunch of old leather gloves and fuckboy jockstraps. Anyone want to buy them?

Samuel Colt Twitter

Delts have always been effortless gains for me. Maybe because I pinned in them all the time?

Samuel Colt Twitter