Not for the faint at heart, Raging Stallion's latest vid is all about (you guessed it) sounding. Not sure what that is? Here's what the studio has to say about it:

Here is a secret recipe for a massive explosion of Cum: Take six stunning beautiful men, add six rock hard throbbing cocks, then take a massive steel rod and fuck their piss holes like a savage fanatic! The end result is a torrent of raging semen that sprays out like a firehouse under pressure! All of you guys who are into sounding know what I am talking about–its a love/hate, pleasure/pain kind of erotic stimulation that creates the most intense orgasms known to man!

full_12All I need to know is that BigBeefXXX favorites and real-life partners, Luke Davies and Brendan Davies are featured, along with Derrick Hanson (in our main photo for this post, above) — who's never looked this nastyhot before — and Colin Steele, Wilfried Knight, and (this week's winner in the WTF is that name contest) Element Eclipse. See much more, including a free 3 minute clip, HERE!

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