Damien Stone and Steve Strongarm

Let's all welcome Damien Stone and Steve Strongarm to The Muscle Service Station! These two are gonna fit right in, don't you think? A big shout out to TheGuySite.com for bringing them into the fold.

Let's take a look at what TheGuySite.com has to tell us about Damien Stone and Steve Strongarm, shall we?

Steve was only a few weeks out from a body building show and never hairier. Watch him take a ride on Damien's dick.

Okay. Well, you'll have to visit TheGuySite.com to see this video, but something tells me it's well worth the click! In the meantime, enjoy these:

Some of the comments from viewers:

jock – 2020/09/05

HOLY FUCK!!! Sizzling hot pairing!

Bearpig – 2020/09/05

That was amazing. Hearing them talk about how great it feels, how tight it feels, man that is great.

Silver Daddy – 2020/09/05

Steve’s too hot – every video is hotter than the last. His hairy and defined body contrasts beautifully to Damien’s smooth muscle look. I didn’t last through half if it!

BushLover – 2020/09/07

This is beyond incredible. The way Steve rides that cock is amazing…and that furry muscle ass is to die for. Probably the best video on here!

BentonFraser – 2020/09/15

A great pairing indeed!

Bentonfraser – 2020/09/20

They are sexy, have solid muscular bodies.

GayIsManly – 2020/10/03

Absolutely fantastic muscle worship and kissing! My FAVORITE video on this site hands down. I love when Steve is squeezing Damien's pecs and then comments on how hard he's getting. These guys are definitely into each other. Steve Strongarm is a professional bodybuilder? Awesome! He is in amazing shape and I bet he can get even bigger. I will miss that body hair though, he's a beast.

GayIsManly – 2020/10/03

I came at 16:45. My God bodybuilder flexing while getting pounded. Superb. Steve looked like he was about to cum himself. If Damian can make him cum handsfree PLEASE let him next time. Thank you!

See the video on TheGuySite.com.

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