Chris Wide Colt Minute Man

There's a long tradition on the Colt Studio Group site of muscle and water. And this Chris Wide Colt Minute Man production is no exception. We've had the pleasure of showing Marc Dylan & Casey WilliamsLuke Garrett, Jake Tanner, Nate Karlton & Shay MichaelsMike Betts & Rick Wolfmier, and Vin Marco, all in or around the wet stuff.

And now here's a clip of Chris Wide showing his goods to the underwater camera. Makes me long for a pool party.

This looks a lot to me like this Chris Wide Colt Minute Man scene was shot in Palm Springs. Probably at one of their many clothing-optional resorts. I wonder if COLT had to buy the whole place out and shut it down. Or if they sold tickets to the other guests and let them watch? Would you go in for a poolside view of a photo and video shoot like this?

Scene Review

The 23rd installment of Colt's Minute Man series contains a trio of solo performances. Each scene is studded with a rippling, strapping Colt supermodel. All three work the camera one hundred percent. As a result, turning in performances that practically seize the camera and the viewer. Furthermore, these models went on to perform some great action sex scenes in Wide Strokes.

Do not expect Minute Man 23 to be a simple jack-off video. All three hunks perform directly into the camera lens, each one completely engaging. 

This Chris Wide Colt Minute Man scene is no exception.

Director Rutherford holds his heaviest weapon for the last, blond Chris Wide. He strolls out to a pool wearing a bright blue Speedo. He takes his time to remove it. We spend lengthy moments with him misting his body with body oil and rubbing it into his skin. Wide is more hands-on with his performance, always touching himself. And dividing his time equally between gazing at his erection and at the camera.

Filming from below, his naked body is now framed by the bright blue sky. Crystal clear photography hels put this performance at the top of the list in production values. Wide's name aptly describes his shoulders, chest and cock. His masturbatory performance takes place underwear. Colt has clearly photographed every detail including his erupting money shot.

This Chris Wide Colt Minute Man scene leaves us by swimming off. In Minute Man 23 the flirtatious, masculine models will undoubtedly enchant traditional Colt fans as well as an army of new ones. The series continues stronger than ever.

Reviewed by DesslockTX on Frisky Fans (Review edited for readability by Ace)