David Papaleo, aka Tom Katt, opened up yesterday in a post on The Muscle Service Station's Muscle Life & Lust forum about being selected to pop Billy Herrington's on-screen cherry in the now classic Conquered. There was discussion about whether or not Tom was the best choice for the job when–pretty unexpectedly, I might add–Tom himself had this to say:

I would have to say that I fully agree that I was not the best choice to be the man to top Billy for his bottoming debut on film. Considering that he is pretty much the exact opposite type of guy that I would ever have wanted to fuck (I always liked  the slim young tight body types when it came to topping in real life), and that I'm 5'7″ and he's about 6′, it even surprised me when I got the call.

Papaleo, now a full time personal trainer, goes on to mention the names of a couple of BigBeefXXX men who he thinks would have been better suited to the task. Who would you have paired with Herrington?

By the way, the above photo of Tom Katt is courtesy of BuiltBears.com and was shot right around the time Katt topped Herrington in Conquered.