If you’ve heard of Yuri Tolochko then you know the wild ride this man has taken. Yuri Tolochko describes himself on Instagram as “Pansexual. Dirty macho. Savage.” He is a Kazakhstani bodybuilder who made headlines early last year for legally marrying a sex doll by the name of Margo. Yes, he and the plastic sex doll held a ceremony where he was surrounded by friends as they saw him express his love to his Margo. 

Since then, he then went on to divorce the doll so he could build a relationship with two new plastic toys, Luna and Lola. From researching his story, he also fell in love with an ashtray and now seems to want a male sex doll to his list of pansexual relationships.

My friends love the phrase “Don’t Yuck My Yum.” So know I am not here to shame Yuri but rather talk about what he has been up to. While he has had a fascination with inanimate objects (Yuri, don’t come for me!), luckily for us he has now moved onto humans. Including men. I recently came across some clips of him where he is clearly shown sucking cock, cum eating, and being a muscular hairy bottom. For some content, check out his Twitter where he coins the nickname Yuri Savage. 


His JustFor.Fans site has a more descriptive bio than his 3 word Instagram page. It reads:

“Sex maniac. Dirrty macho. Muscle hunk. Furry beast. Teddy ? Big and always hard nipples ambassador. Great guy overall.”

I will keep an eye out on Yuri and his activities for you. For now, let us know what you think of him. And his Yum.