Zeb Atlas

Zeb Atlas fans should get a kick out of this candid shot of Zeb's significantly-sized boot-ay just posted on the Muscle Logbook at MuscleService.com. Big man, big butt, mmmmm….

Zeb Atlas

For those of you who love some sweet man-on-man action, but are tired of skinny little pansy gay boys having all the fun, boy have we got a treat for you. Zeb Atlas is one tough hunk of a gay fuck machine with a man muscle that can stretch any butthole to soda-can dimensions. Once upon a time, Zeb was a competitive bodybuilder who started posing for fitness magazines, unknowingly sending raging homo hard-on vibes throughout the nation with his greased up flexing. From fitness mags to erotic photography, Zeb worked his way deeper and deeper into filthy smut, until one day, he just couldn’t resist opening up wide and getting the taste of dick in his mouth. Ever since then, Zeb swallows rod just as well as he face-fucks his manly mates. He’s so strong that he could practically lift up a twink just with his boner and spin him around until that twink spews cum out of his mouth. Sometimes, Zeb invites a bitch to the party just to prove that gay men can still give those pussies a heavy train ride to the bone zone. Those girls must be very grateful that Zeb takes some time out of gay-boy pounding and shares his throb-knob with their dripping wet twats. In the end, though, with a slew of GayVN, Grabby, and Men Magazine awards to his name, Zeb’s true talents will always lie in spreading open some man ass and working it to the bone.


Born: 1970-10-15

Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

Height: 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)

Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg)


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