Remember Sean Steel? We found him on and were pretty much speechless when we first saw him. Well, it seems he's been sticking a toe into the water his dick into a guy's mouth for the first time, again on He gets naked with two guys and gets his every need taken care of. Here's an excerpt from what the site has to say about the vid:

muscle-boy-blow-job-07They moved in and removed Sean's clothes, exposing his muscle and cock and Rod Decker was the first guy to go down on his big dick.   Rod sucked for a few minutes and Sean didn't get hard.  Evan Marks then took a turn and before long Sean relaxed and his cock started to get big and hard.  Evan gulped down that cock like there was no tomorrow and before long Rod wanted another taste of Sean's hard dick.  Rod wrapped his lips around Sean's creamy cock head and was feeling Sean's muscles at the same time.  Sean seemed to enjoy having Rod feel his muscular chest and biceps.