It's getting into the wee hours and time to roll out the heavy-hitters in this weekend 50% off sale, namely Derek Parker and JR Bronson in ClubInfernoDungeon.com's “Hole Busters, Vol. 6” (Scene 4). Yep, you got that right — memberships to the DUNGEON going for HALF the regular price! By the way, who these days doesn't want to fuck or get fucked by Derek Parker? The guy is sex walking. And he certainly serves up the heavy play in the clip below with JR Bronson.

Here's what the PR Fairies sent over for your pleasure:

Hole Busters Vol. 6 (Scene 4)
Starring Derek Parker and JR Bronson
Directed by Christian Owen

JR Bronson gets on all fours in a sex club and fingers his ass, begging for someone to come out of the shadows to work his hole. Derek Parker hears JR's plea and shows up with a bucket of lube and sex toys. He instantly shoves a foot-long fake cock in JR's perfect round bubble butt, nearly to the base. It's clear that JR loves to have his hole plowed. The muscular bottom screams for more so Derek power-fucks his ass with the fat dildo then selects an even fatter weapon to stretch his manhole. Derek pounds JR's ass relentlessly until he's satiated, for now.

If that sounds like just another Saturday night to you, well, first of all, lucky you… and for sure you've been wanting to try out ClubInfernoDungeon.com and this is your chance. Click HERE for the 50% off deal (while it lasts)!

Now, on to the clip:

Remember, this sale is only through the long Veteran's Day Weekend!