Aneros Prelude

Announcing the Aneros Prelude™

New week, new sex toy products on the market! Aneros, the iconic company behind prostate massagers has created a new product. Use it to take your anal stimulation and preparation to the next level. They spent recent months showcasing their latest project at various adult sex toy conventions. Now Aneros is officially announcing the release of their new enema bulb kit Aneros Prelude™. 

The Aneros Prelude™ is a cleansing system that provides a new take on personal hygiene introducing the option of low volume internal rinsing for easier, quicker and more comfortable cleansing sessions. The Prelude features an all medical-grade velvet touch silicone design for comfort and easy care and cleaning.  A large 10 fl.oz. pleated easy grip bulb which allows up to 4 low volume rinses without refilling. A one way, slow-flow valve to prevent back flow of liquid into the bulb. And an easy-grip ergonomic nozzle with backstop for simple assembly/disassembly, sanitary handling and proper depth of insertion.

Aneros Press Release

Brent Aldon, director of sales and marketing goes on to state: “We are so excited to introduce the Aneros Prelude.  We’ve created a unique and innovative re-design of an ages old device that holds a tremendous benefit for people who are looking for a pre-recreational enema prior to any kind of anal or prostate play. Unlike most of the enemas on the market that are made for therapeutic use, this product is specifically designed for people who are into pleasure that involves the rectum but are eager to avoid the mess that may accompany it.  For that reason, we believe that…Confidence begins with a Prelude.”  

Special thanks to the team at Aneros who gifted Muscle Service an Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb to review and test. Time to get those muscular bodybuilder holes ready! 

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