Expanding on the Topic of What Makes a True Alpha Male

I'm happy to share with you a recent discovery from social media who's eager to talk openly to Muscle Service. With a previously censored Twitter page, a growing OnlyFans account and a body to die for. Hard8inxhes aka NotNattyDaddy aka J. is our latest Social Media discovery. I hope the fans out there will show him the love and attention I’d gladly give him everyday!

In this great conversation, J. gives us insight into how he got that Alpha male body. We also touched on where OnlyFans is taking him in life and the sexual adventures he is currently venturing in.

While some things're currently off limits, J. uttered the phrase we love to hear at Muscle Service: “never say never”!

alpha male

Full Package

At first glance, J. immediately catches the attention of anyone casually scrolling through Twitter. His body and massive cock immediately stimulate all the fantasies I have in mind. And I thank J. for not censoring himself to the world. We can only get a glimpse of half of his face on Twitter. However, his OnlyFans (which he graciously shared with me) reveals a handsome man who anyone would love to worship. And let me tell you, his face only completes his perfect Alpha male physique which compliments his personality and charm. His best physical feature? I would argue this man is the whole package. But J. believes them to be his chest, those pecs, butt, abs, and dick. So basically the whole body overall haha. 

alpha male
alpha male

Alpha Body

It’s no surprise J. puts a lot of time in the gym. He’s been obsessive in working out and hasn't missed more than two days in 10 years! And if seeing live workouts is your porn, then joining OnlyFans is a must. He has videos of him sweating it out at the gym. [Editor's Note from Ace: J. is also not shy about sharing his steroid expertise on Twitter. Thank goodness. Hell, it's in the name: “NotNatty”Daddy. Get it?]

J. grew up playing sports like soccer and wrestling. And oh my god the latter just opens up many fantasies in my head. I can only imagine what his boner would look like in a singlet. (J. make that happen haha)

What does his wife think?!

So with that whole package of body and looks you would think he would be quick to jump into porn. Most guys usually just get an iPhone and start finding ways of making money. But the initial push to jump in front of the camera came from an unusual suggestion. His wife herself.

Sorry boys, the man is straight and married. I have to appreciate her and this article is being written in thanks to her. We don’t find many wives open to sharing her man with the world and I thank her for having pushed her husband into making some money that benefits us all!. J. shared with me that in recent years sexual exploration has actually made things quite interesting. Besides sharing the goods with us, he and his wife are part of the pineapple loving swinging community. While she won’t be seen much on his OnlyFans, his wife has been featured performing handjobs and blowjobs.

Currently his OnlyFans consists of solo action and the occasional participation from his wife. He mentioned he used to jerk off a couple times of day. Lucky for us, he is now more than happy to put that out now for us to enjoy. Once a simple pastime, jerking off is now part of his professional money making lifestyle. While he's still very new to this, I gotta admit his content has great promise for the future.

Future in Porn

For now, collaborations are not in the cards. Remember, never say never as he is currently finding his comfort zone. He states that lately he really enjoys being with a partner and making them orgasm a lot. Trust me, it doesn’t seem like that would be hard from whomever he is pleasing. Hopefully his generous need to pleasure a partner will lead to more and more bodies on his OnlyFans. I asked about venturing into mainstream porn and if the stars align it’s something he would consider. 


For J. his fantasy that comes to mind is to perform in a threesome. And while he prefers his partners to be two girls he is “open to whatever”. He continued to say that he appreciates the blurring of gender we see in today’s world. For him, he appreciates trans women having discovered trans porn in college. Also slender feminine twinks who blur that line of gender norms. As he has muscles for days, he is less interested in being paired with another masculine bodybuilder. So we know we won’t be seeing him with a Zeb Atlas type man anytime soon. But who knows, maybe he and Samson could share a trans pornstar as they both seem to have that interest.

Fucking Twitter

As I mentioned, J. is another victim of Twitter’s inconsistent social media censorship. J.’s account had been taken down due to his pecs being mistaken for female boobs. But since my interview with him, I am glad to announce it was appealed and recovered. It's quite a funny and running joke of male pecs being bigger than certain boobs. In that case, I have to admit myself, I love tits at least in the form of pecs haha.

Alpha Male Club

I started this article referencing the Alpha male and I can assure you J. fits that category. It was music to my ears hearing himself call himself an Alpha. His intelligent personable demeanor definitely fills that role. He identifies as an Alpha and a nice guy who tries to be a good person. But he doesn't take any bullshit. A dominant type who doesn’t abuse his domineering side. Not performative but true to his Alpha nature.

Interestingly, after our article last week J. made the same distinction regarding Cash Masters vs. True Alphas. He believes Cash Masters are obnoxious and typically the type he would love to beat the fuck out of. If they’re too annoying, of course. Who doesn’t love a man that will fuck someone up when needed?

As a lasting remark he wants to know how highly appreciative he is of his fans. He believes himself to be so lucky with the quality of his fans. And describes how he enjoys talking with and making personal connections with them. So if you sign up to his OF, feel free to reach out. He loves engagement!