The Carl Hardwick bodybuilder legacy is well known. So I don't understand why the guys at Colt find this so difficult:

carl hardwick bodybuilder
Do they not know what “Hairy Chested” means????

But at least it gives me an excuse to feature this.

While their inability to group a photo with a caption may leave me shaking my head, we can use this as an entry point into one of Mr. Hardwick's best videos.

“Perfection Revealed”

The Carl Hardwick bodybuilder video repertoire is mostly well known for the hairy chested version of the man. That's for sure. And we've covered some of that. His appearance in “Rawhide Load” is mouth-watering.

Of course, Carl is also in Colt's “Hairy Chested Men” — where, you guessed it, he has a hairy chest.

But he also appeared smooth in photos and videos for Jim French. “Perfection Revealed” is actually a longer-form shoot that has him starting hairy then shaving down.

Here's a quick Carl Hardwick bodybuilder clip:


Since Colt no longer provides promotional content, I've pulled a variety of smooth Carl Hardwick bodybuilder photos from across the web. Here's a little gallery.


From the sharp-as-a-tack minds at Colt:

Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a COLT Legend? Well its like most days for any regular all-American Joe. A little Bar-B-Que, shooting hoops in the drive-way, pruning the hedges, a little workout in the back yard. The usual stuff, only when you have a world class body like Carl Hardwick, with thick muscles covered in rich dark fur, every day activities are just a whole lot hotter. And what red blooded man doesn't set aside some time each day to give his manhood a little tug and stroke action. After a light workout Carl likes to take his tug and stroke action in the hot tub, where his dark hair and thick muscles pop in the wet steamy haze. For an extended stroke session Carl retires to his living room where he sprawls out for a long indulgence of self pleasure.

Colt Studio Group