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Christmas Time with Falcon Studios

The Christmas season is in full effect. If you are already over the season’s repetitive annual festivities (Mariah Carey, Hallmark Movies), you’re not alone. So join me and let good old-fashioned man-on-man action bring you into the Holiday spirit. Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing to you …

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Muscley Man Comics
Ace's LatestArtBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexBodybuildingErik RhodesErotic ArtistJake BurtonLuke GarrettmonstermusclemanMuscle ArtMuscle DaddyMuscle Daddy Worshipmuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleHunks.comMuscleService.comMuscley Man ComicsQ&A

Erotic Artist Q&A: 3D Artist Muscley Man Comics

This week’s erotic artist is someone I am happy to feature. Not only was he very open in our conversations in and out of my series of interview questions, but Muscley Man Comics (MMC) was kind enough to share about his personal journey in coming to terms with his homosexuality, …

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Ace BannonAce's LatestActive DutyASGmaxBannon MenBannon Men: The Photography of Ace BannonBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBisexualBodybuilder SexBodybuildingCaesarDisruptive FilmsGaugeKurt BeckmannMuscle DaddyMuscle Daddy WorshipMuscle Man Solomuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comNextDoorBuddies.comNextDoorMale.comPorn Business

ASGmax Is 6 Sites In 1: Cumming Real Soon!

It looks like something new is coming our way this month in the Pornverse! If you haven’t come across the somewhat cryptic news on social media, a new website called ASGmax looks like it will be bringing together different porn sites to currently host 12,250 available scenes. This will immediately …

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Ace's LatestBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBLATINO OasisBodybuilder SexBodybuildingElijah ZayneKing NoireMichael PrivimonstermusclemanMuscle Daddymuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comRhyheim ShabazzRomeo Got D

BLATINO Oasis: September 14-17, 2023

The Playboy Mansion used to have the Mid Summer Night’s Dream Annual Party, full of current-day celebrities and scantily clothed women. Pride would be the gay equivalent and if you weren’t aware, the Black and Latino community has BLATINO Oasis: The end of summer, California men’s desert oasis retreat getaway, …

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Lobonejo X
Ace's LatestArtBig Beef XXXBisexualBodybuilder SexBodybuildingErotic ArtistJaxton WheelerLobonejo XMuscle ArtMuscle DaddyMuscle Eroticamuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comQ&AZeb Atlas

Erotic Artist Q&A: Lobonejo X and His Alpha Men!

I first came across our next featured artist differently than everyone else. For most of the artists that I have reached out to for a MuscleService exclusive, I’ve either admired their content for years or have recently discovered them on X (formerly Twitter). But Lobonejo X is someone I discovered …

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Colton Ford
Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXBodybuilder SexColton FordDrew SebastianMacho DogMack AustinMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipMuscles &

The Latest from Iconic Sexy Daddy Colton Ford

Colton Ford, the former studio pornstar and all around iconic sexy daddy is back! He’s got new music and new ways for us to admire him. Unfortunately, it’s not porn this time; there is some on his OF though. Colton has just released his latest album Permission.  Colton Ford shares …

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davin strong silent hill
"Silent Hill: Delirium"Ace's LatestBiBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexBodybuildingDavin StrongKinkMen.commonstermusclemanMuscle & InkMuscle DaddyMuscle Service ExclusiveMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comPyramid HeadQ&AXXXXXX Video

Exclusive Interview: Davin Strong in KinkMen’s “Silent Hill: Delirium”

Silent Hill. Two words I never thought would start an article here at Muscle Service but you add in a little kink and the muscle god Davin Strong himself, and you get yourself a sexy-ass-scary scene at One of the new releases at KinkMen is “Silent Hill: Delirium”, the …

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vintage gay porn
Ace's LatestBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBlueBoyBodybuilder SexBodybuildingBodybuilding EscortHIMBOHOMO-GYMLifestyleMasturbateModelmonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle EroticaMuscle MagazinesMuscle Man Solomuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle

While It’s Hot! Online Sale: Vintage Gay Porn Magazines

A few years ago we introduced you to Mega_Zines: a Twitter account that is an online shop selling/buying lots of vintage Gay porn, adult, and kink mags. Today, I’m giving you a little throwback announcement as today, the man behind the Instagram and Twitter accounts will be holding an online …

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Javier Corner is Giving Lust and Pleasure on Gay Cams

“It all starts with a good conversation that allows us to know our darkest desires.” Talk about lust and pleasure! Javier Corner started camming just last March. Now, he’s one of the top models on Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of months to become a success on …

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Fabz Gio
Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexBodybuildingBodybuilding EscortFabs GiomonstermusclemanMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle

Is Escort of the Week Fabz Gio?

Question of the day: would you hire an unidentifiable escort? If you look at the pictures below of Rent Men UK-based user Fabz Gio, you will know what I am talking about.  There are people we love that successfully carry the appeal of being unidentifiable, showcasing their perfect physiques and …

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