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Happy Halloween 2023!
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Have a Slutty, Happy Halloween 2023!

Happy Halloween 2023! With Halloween Day upon us, I am looking forward to all the sexy ass costumes I expect to see later tonight in West Hollywood, the mecca of slutty costumes. For now, social media has kept me excited with sneak previews of costumes that will be work by …

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The Great BateWorld BateOff! 2 Winner Cumming Soon!  

The winner of BateWorld’s second annual The Great BateWorld BateOff! will be revealed on the competition’s televised finale, streaming live on BateWorld’s Zoom channel on June 22 @7pm ET/4pm PT.  Since May 4, seven bators have been battling it out to determine this year’s Master Bator. The competitors are a diverse group that include a pup …

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Muscles, a Daddy and Something 8X6

Today, I was excited to share a social media profile that combines two of my favorite things found in my bios. Muscles and Daddies! Mix that with what I can assume is an 8X6 penis and you have MuscleDaddy8x6. But timing is quite the funny thing. Just as I was …

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TikTok censorship
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Social Media Doing What it Does Best: TikTok Censorship

Before I get into my rant about TikTok censorship I will start by saying I LOVE TikTok. Admittedly, I spend a lot of time on the platform. There are days when I wake up and watch videos for too long before I get started with my day. Arguably, TikTok has …

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masculine jason
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Masculine Jason’s Raw and Uncensored YouTube Channel is Fire

We have our favorite podcasts like some I have mentioned here and of course blogs like Muscle Service to bring you the latest in porn news and countless images of muscular men. Now we also have YouTube to thank for some new original content by pornstars we love themselves. If …

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Massive Muscle Man Nicola Scarpa is Our Lustful Instagram Find

Nicola Scarpa. If you don’t recognize that name, be ready to lust over a massive bodybuilde. He looks like he’s coming out of the pages of a Morphing Muscle photoshop site. In a few words, Nicola is a muscle beast! He is the type of guy that would absolutely catch …

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2023 New Year Resolution Check-In

Jumping into the third week of the New Year I want to ask all of our readers…how is that New Year’s resolution treating you? If you’ve been good, then certain habits should become less and less challenging. I read somewhere it takes about 21 days to build a habit and …

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top male performers
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JustFor.Fans Top Male Performers of 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers at MuscleService!!! I hope this New Year brings lot of lust, muscle and great content for all you to enjoy. It’s time to look forward to the New Year, but as a last look into 2022, I am happy to share the list …

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rodney st cloud
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Rodney St Cloud; A True Legend of Massive Muscle

The name Rodney St Cloud is synonymous with living legend [Editor’s Note: The following is an exclusive report from Muscle Service Intern — Orizaba.] Every man who was into the online muscle worship world in the mid 2000s knows his name. I was fortunate enough to discover him during my high school years. …

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No More Adult Twitter? A Call To Muscular Arms.

So Elon now owns Twitter. Including adult Twitter. Before, this came with an ounce of hope. Would porn be allowed? Could we have more freedom of speech? Might Twitter offices be immediately closing around the world and would all employees quit one week before the Holidays? If you chose the …

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