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Brian Cerf photographed by Jim French for COLT
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Exploring the Masculine Artistry of Colt Studio’s Iconic Photographer Jim French

Who Is Jim French and What Makes His Work at Colt Studio Iconic? Jim French (1932-2017) still stands as a legendary photographer who began creating iconic images for Colt Studio in the 1970s. His work is known for its artistry and masculinity, and it has become an inspiration to many …

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Colt Studio Muscle Ranch Scene 3
"Muscle Ranch"Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXBodybuilder SexBodybuildingCOLTColtStudioGroup.comEd DinakosJake TannermonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comXXXXXX Video

Colt Gay Porn Muscle Ranch Scene 3: Fantastic Farmhands

I just realized I’ve never posted about this Colt gay porn: Muscle Ranch Scene 3. Feast your eyes on this while Ed Dinakos feasts on Jake Tanner’s giant cock: I mean. If you’re gonna use the ranch to shoot muscle porn, this is how you do it. SEE THE FULL …

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massive muscle men
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Gay Muscle Porn & Gay Bodybuilder Porn Obsession – Massive Muscle Men!

When Did You Know? Massive muscle men. And gay bodybuilder porn. Plus gay muscle sex. And, of course, gay bodybuilder sex. Am I forgetting anything? When did you know muscle was the ultimate carnal desire for you? I’m running a little informal focus group on Twitter asking this question. Take …

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colt bodybuilder porn jake tanner
"A Letter From Home"Ace's LatestAlpha MuscleBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerCOLTColtStudioGroup.comEd DinakosJake TannerJim Frenchmuscle worshipMuscleService.comXXXXXX Video

Colt Bodybuilder Porn: Jake Tanner in A Letter From Home

We all know now that my favorite bodybuilder porn is COLT bodybuilder porn. And my favorite COLT bodybuilder porn star is Jake Tanner. He may be my favorite bodybuilder porn star ever. He was my first. As a result, I have a special place in my… heart?… for Jake. Why …

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"Muscle Ranch"Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerCOLTColtStudioGroup.comEd DinakosJake TannerJim French

Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos: Muscle Ranch Scene 2

Nothing better, still after all this time. Jim French captured the very real heat between lovers Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos. Muscle Ranch cemented forever my image of man-on-man passion. Here a small gallery of Jake and Ed: MUSCLE RANCH – Scene 2 Starring Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos: The …

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Dick Huge photographed by Jim French for COLT
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COLT MEN 50% OFF! & Mobile Video: Marc Dylan Solo

Don’t know if this means the Veteran’s Day sale was great and they’re doing it again — or if it means it was a bust, so they are still trying to sell cheap memberships. Either way, it’s 50% OFF time again at, and you know me… I just want …

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