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Is Voiceover the New Gay Porn Frontier?

Recently, I covered the news that Gay Porn New Powerhouse ASGMax debuted a channel dedicated the animated gay porn. As a young adult in his 30s who still watches cartoons and gay porn on the regular, this combination immediately piqued my interest. And with erotic artists and animation claiming their …

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ManUpFilms Now Featuring Gay SuperHeroes Fucking

If you haven’t picked out your Halloween costume just yet, hopefully, ManUpFilms can be an inspiration. I recently gained access to and quickly came across, one of their channels out of an impressive 133 different studios. Now that does contain straight, bisexual, gay content and everything in between, …

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Muscle Bound Carpenters & Superheroes: The Week in Instagram Muscle

We covered the latest in real bodybuilder porn, from Austin Wolf to MMA to Kris Evans and more for you this week. Meanwhile, Muscle Instagram served up more beefy hotness:

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Erotic Art on the Go: Meat2Go Q&A

Kicking off the week right, I am excited to highlight another erotic artist star in the making! Bringing us hot-ass scenes of Superman, Batman, Red Hood, Green Lantern, Superboy and more, Meat2Go is giving alpha man-on-man action with explosive cum scenes. Hey if DC Comics can’t give us the sexy …

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break the internet
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Amazing Pecs Break The Internet: “Cover Them Up Slut”

It takes a lot to break the internet. Actually, it really only takes a photo or video to break the internet. And luckily for us muscle worshippers this month a hot man with juicy pecs has become a popular meme. You’ve seen it: “Cover them up slut”: Earlier this month, …

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men of the muscle mafia
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Men of the Muscle Mafia: The Legacy Continues!

As you may have noticed by recent posts, I love a sexy superhero. Even when I was young, I admired muscular cartoon characters with amazing physiques and secret lives. Cut to my adult years where we get the next best thing: The Men behind The Muscle Mafia. While it’s been …

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boy wonder
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In LGBT+ news worldwide, superheroes have added another new gay icon to the roster. (But I’d like to say, we called it first haha.) Superheroes have always had an underlying sexual connotation. Some say that superheroes began as a metaphor for young adults discovering their sexuality. Including sexual expressions other …

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Massive Muscles, Masculine Confidence and the Muscle Service Story

The overwhelming desire to experience being anywhere near massive muscles. Bodybuilding coded as masculine confidence. A peek behind the curtain of that. Changing cultural norms. “Masc 4 Masc memes.” What’s next? Massive Muscles – Superman, Charles Atlas, and a Certain Mr. Bannon Small town 1960s gay boys like me seemed …

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