Eddie Camacho… a name that still gives me goosebumps till this day.

I was lucky enough to find the owner of that name by accident when I was in high school. As I was searching for another muscle hunk online I came across this Latin name and was intrigued. Got curious and when I searched him up my life was changed forever. 

This was in the early 2000s, before OnlyFans was even thought of. In the early age of pages like Muscle Hunks, Powermen, Muscle Gallery and LiveMuscleShow. EddieCamacho(dot)com was his own page but you had to pay to get access to it, luckily there was a preview of what was to come if you subscribed and let me tell you I had a mini-heart attack.

I thought he was just gonna pose, show off his muscles and be a hunk. Watched the trailer, then he started to take off his clothes and I was getting excited, when he was fully nude facing the wall I thought “if he only turned around” and sure enough as if he read my mind he did and I saw that schlong between his legs. My god!! Pupils dilated, heart thumping, palms sweating. Got so nervous I immediately closed the page. 

What was this? I had never seen anything like this.

I’d always fantasized about a bodybuilder fully nude and seems my prayers had been answered but I was not ready for it. To see a man so jacked, handsome and hung in front of me in his birthday suit for the first time was the best thing ever. He became my secret obsession. I would go back every day to watch the Eddie Camacho trailer and pictures. I had memorized every inch of his page and previews. 

Then one day when it had become too much to handle and wasn’t happy enough with just the previews (I’m not proud of this) I “borrowed” my dad’s card and got a membership for Eddie’s page (I paid my dad back later though). One had to be 21 years old, but who hasn’t lied about their age? Once I was through I thought I’d die (again). Seeing all his videos and pictures where he wasn’t just wearing sexy underwear or posing but full on scenes where Eddie would start dressed in a suit or as a cowboy and start stripping down till he was fully nude. 

It was much better than what I’d dreamt of in my youth.

I’m remembering the videos where he would just dance in a studio wearing a thong with a huge bulge. Or he’s relaxing on a beach in the sun wearing a red Speedo that says LIFEGUARD on his butt. The one where Eddie Camacho is at a public pool and a guy can’t stop staring at him.

Even collaborations with Rodney St Cloud, Troy Hammer or the late Frank “the Tank”.

And one of my favorites. He’s working out at a gym on Friday night. As they close the gym he pumps gas into his car and next we see him dancing at a strip club, taking off his clothes. He strips down to his tight and sexy underwear for the ladies. You can see his bulge bouncing and the girls checking that piece of meat in front of them. 

I would like to appoint myself as the #1 Eddie Camacho fan in the world. There’s no video or picture I haven’t seen of his before. I know every second of his videos from the very first ones on his own page to the last ones he did with MuscleHunks.

Sadly, Eddie was a bit too early in the Fan page era but he did pave the road for the wave of sites dedicated to seeing your favorite people get intimate. If he had his site active these days you bet I’d be all up on it daily and would subscribe to any Fan account he had.

Where are you now??

It has been years (10 years to be precise) since I last heard of Eddie Camacho and seen any new content. I believe on one of his interviews he said he was living in Florida and wanted to earn an IFBB title and become a professional bodybuilder. Who knows what ever happened to him and if he’s still active out there. I know there’s a page on Instagram that says it “him” but it’s just pictures I’ve seen before that any fan of his could’ve posted so I’m skeptical until I see something I haven’t seen before or a video.

If anyone knows him or if Eddie himself is reading this, just wanted to let you know there’s still fans of yours out here who remember you and you were their first ever muscle lust and helped us discover who we were.

Just listen to what fans say:

“He is and always will be THE KING!”

“Awesome body, and, DAMN what a cock and set of balls”

“This hispanic hunk is so hot and arrogant! Amazing and sexy!”

“I remember looking at you every weekend while my parents weren't home, on their computer, when was about 12 years old. Today, 15 years later, I still lust so much for the day that I'll hopefully get to touch your body and cock and will get to swallow one of your Godly loads…”

So I know I’m not alone in wanting more Eddie Camacho up in their lives. It is very hard to find any content of his up in the internet but they’re still out there. I would recommend you search for a video and I bet you’ll immediately get hooked. So thread carefully, specially if you suffer from heart condition. Unless you wanna take the Eddie Camacho challenge then be my guest and you’ll have me to thank. 

You’re welcome!

Story by Muscle Service Intern — Orizaba.