Muscle Monster & Massive Assets…

Do you like big butts and cannot lie? Then Mr. Nunzziii is the one you need in your life. DABOOTEEKING himself caught my eye many months ago as I came across his page. Little did I know there was more to him than just a handsome man with a giant… sense of humor.

I managed to secure an interview with him and it was one of the best chats I’ve had with anyone. What mysteries do his muscles mask? Does charm lie beneath his curls? Do quirks lurk beneath those rosy cheeks?

In short: what makes him tick?

We first touched on the fact he’s about to release his own brand of leggings and short shorts. These are specifically designed to wear at the gym. The 28-year-old beefcake confided that, while he loves to show off his legs in short shorts and leggings, he struggles to find shorts and leggings for someone with his build. Then in 2021 Nunzziii got the idea to create his own muscle monster apparel and brand. 

They don’t have a man’s tight line that fits the male anatomy. This is what we do at Nunzziii Apparel; to give men confidence to showcase their lower body. I’ve always trained my glutes and there’s this stigma that when you go to the gym the bros train biceps, the chest, whatever. But you don’t see guys do glute kickbacks, you know.

What I’ve realized in my 8 years of being a trainer is we live in an ass worship society [Orizaba: Yes!] and ass is not just a “woman thing”. Everyone loves ass, guys wanna have an ass, not only from the aesthetic point of view but a health standpoint.

Wearing tights it’s not a sexual thing. It has nothing to do with your sexual preference. Tights are a very comfortable thing, it’s not a woman thing, it’s not a gay thing. It’s a strange thing that we’re gonna break down. Do you. Be who you wanna be. Wear what you wanna wear. Express yourself in a way that is right to you.


Muscle Monster Passion Project

Right away I could tell he was passionate about his project he was developing. Exactly like when a father is watching his baby grow. But not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Like many of us, he has suffered bullying and questioned his sexuality. Yet DABOOTEEKING knows we have to be authentic to ourselves. 

Life is going extremely fast so if you don’t enjoy it, if you’re not present in the moment then you’re gonna live a life that there’s still nothing inside of you.


Amen to that. He has such way with words he could sell gelato to an ice cream shop. That muscle monster drive has made him want to become a motivational speaker and talk about his own life experiences and influences. When he was 17 he moved to Los Angeles and opened a gym with his ex partner. Right before the pandemic they had a successful gym and nightclub with over 27 employees. But they had to shut it all down.

We discussed his (and my) favorite subject. 

My name is Nunzziii. I really am DABOOTEEKING. I got a big ass! [Orizaba: You can say that again!] I’m really proud of my OnlyFans. That’s another big side of me, I am a sex symbol and everything I do is creative and it’s important to be true to yourself and your creative nature. OnlyFans is a beautiful platform, it’s my favorite platform of everything I do; Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. It’s sexy, it’s cheeky, has it’s theme you know, a lot of ass.

I wanted to make it different cause when people hear “OnlyFans” it’s straight up pornographic and I have so much love for the adults who work in that industry but I’m not a pornstar. It’s not what I wanna do here. It’s to express my sexuality in a creative way and like I said I’ve worked my entire life to have a physique like I do now. I love to model, I love to express myself.

A lot of my subscribers and fans love it (I can attest to that) and at the end of the day it’s always be true to my creative side, it’s DABOOTEEKING man. 44-inch bootie so let’s go!


With a butt measuring 44″ around no wonder he can’t fit into normal shorts and leggings. So he created men’s tights, capris and short shorts all designed for male anatomy launching summer 2022. Keep an eye out for that if you guys want to be a part of this phenomenon. I predict it will take off quickly.

Nunzziii is the sweetest and friendliest guy I’ve met in a while. His OnlyFans page has some of the best and hottest content if you’re an ass aficionado like myself and he always replies to you in the kindest way. Do yourself a favor and follow the man who puts the ASS in PASSIONATE… you will not regret it.

Story by Muscle Service Intern — Orizaba.