Recently, I realized that I have been writing for The Muscle Service Station for a little over a year. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

From interviewing some of my porn idols to discovering new talent and talking about bodybuilders and incredibly hot men on a daily basis, I have enjoyed the journey that is porn journalism at Muscle Service very much.

An added bonus to the experience has been building a fan base and connecting with other porn aficionados across the world. Occasionally, I come across another young admirer of muscle and hot men who would love to add to the site and am happy to mentor those interested in adding to what my mentor, Ace Bannon, has built. 

And now it's official: I am happy to announce the Muscle Service Station internship experience. Interns watch porn, keep up to date with porn news, appreciate all muscular males around the world wanting admirers, and, ultimately, write articles and op-eds. 

Today the internship experience is spotlighting Muscle Gallery, an inspiring contributor to the site. In this past year, I’ve shone that same light on a few contributors like author Mr. Muscleflex and Muscle Worship King. Like Muscle Worship King, I offered Muscle Gallery the opportunity to tell the story of his sexual awakening and love of muscle and bodybuilders. Of course, he quickly jumped on the opportunity and here is the result. Let us know what you think. 

Muscle Awakening

Like many others I grew up in the late '80s watching movies dominated by testosterone, guns and muscles. So when I would sit down and watch an action movie with my dad and Rambo would be on screen shirtless with bulging muscles I’d get excited to see him. Thought it was 'cause I liked the action but now that I’m older I know better. Don’t get me started with Arnold in his Commando or Conan movies, the ultimate muscle action star of his time. The way he’s shirtless on screen showing his award-winning muscles killing bad guys was the best thing. 

Mike O’Hearn

Then during the late '90s I discovered the TV show “Battle Dome”, a sort of spin off from “American Gladiators”, and thought it’d be a boring show. Then I saw Mike O’Hearn in nothing but white combat boots and very short white shorts. He was their golden boy and the face of the show. Tall and bronzed muscle God with killer looks. That’s when I knew I was addicted to muscle men. I’d love to watch it alone in my room and beat my meat while he was on screen. Oh that was the best thing in the world to me! 

Jeramy Freeman

We move forward few years and I was channel surfing and come across a show called “Extreme Dodgeball” where teams play the classic dodgeball game in a tournament. I was about to change the channel when I spotted Him. The man. The mountain. Jeramy Freeman. The biggest guy I’d ever seen on screen flexing his biceps and amping up the crowd. I immediately got rock hard, heart started beating faster than ever making me sweaty and nervous. Just watching him in a tank top with his pecs peeking through and his enormous frame covering the whole screen would drive any muscle admirer insane.

That’s when I realized I had a thing for the bigger and wider guys and not just muscle hunks. I crave the wideness and heaviness of the muscle beasts like Big Ramy, Gunter Schlierkamp, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and my all time favorite Markus Ruhl amongst others.

Perhaps many people have similar experiences like this, discovering themselves in seeing muscle hunks on screen or in real life. For me it all started as a boy sitting down with his family and watching Arnold kill the bad guys with giant guns and even bigger biceps and pecs. If I could go back in time I would not change a thing, for everything that’s happened has made me the man I am today and have come to appreciate the beauty and art of a heavily muscled male body. 

If any creative adults out there want to join the Muscle Service Station internship experience, feel free to reach out via DM on Twitter or at 

Eddie V