As you may have noticed by recent posts, I love a sexy superhero. Even when I was young, I admired muscular cartoon characters with amazing physiques and secret lives. Cut to my adult years where we get the next best thing: The Men behind The Muscle Mafia. While it's been a while since I’ve discussed the Boss and his Mafia, I consistently wondered what was happening behind closed doors. Having grown close to the Boss over the past year, I know he would never abandon his loyal friends and followers without notice. Especially after creating such unique, great content over the past 20 years. Still, there hadn't been much action on the site and on Twitter until now. A whole summer passed by but at last, we finally got to hear from the Boss man himself.

Just last week, on the last day of Summer, The Muscle Mafia’s twitter account shared the news that they’re back! With Covid, construction halts, and acts of God involving bad weather and hurricanes, it is no surprise even real life supermen like the masked men of Muscle Mafia had to take a break. 

In a recent blog post, the Boss at Muscle Mafia shared with us 

“For the first time in 20 years, we took a break, a summer hiatus.  That doesn’t mean we did nothing here at, that just means we had to divert some attention to other aspects of life and regain the delicate harmony between life within The Muscle Mafia and life outside of The Muscle Mafia.  It is, in deed like living 2 separate lives; the 2 should never collide.”

2 lives, just like real life supermen! Continuing on what is next, the Boss states:

“One of the projects was new Muscle Mafia offices, and another was with 20 years behind us, and what could easily be another 200 films, where do we go from here? The Muscle Mafia can go in many directions and take on other forms as a brand.”

What I, like many others, am excited for is what is to come. I can only imagine how erotic the testosterone filled Muscle Mafia offices will be like. Truthfully, they may be like any other work place, but in my fantasies they include wall-to-wall depictions of the Boss and the Muscle Mafia in all their muscular glory. Nude portraits from each scene filling the halls, leading to different studio rooms where men are constantly filming, producing more erotic content for us loyal followers. A state of the art gym, where the men of the Muscle Mafia work out non-stop before filming another hot scene. But hey maybe that is only in my imagination haha. 

Cheers to what is to come! I am glad they took the summer off for much needed physical and mental rest, but I need my Muscle Mafia fix and I hope we get to see content soon.

Hey, even our heroes need a break sometimes but next time, don’t let it be for so long haha.

men of the muscle mafia