I am happy to feature the talented and highly recognized erotic artist Phausto this week. And it makes a fitting follow-up to the Superhero article I wrote for Monday’s post.

Phausto has always been someone who deserves high recognition for his amazing artwork. He is able to adapt his style to whatever iconic character he is trying to replicate. He is so skillful at creating real-life versions of Batman, Superman, and Disney characters doing what men do best. Fucking each other.

Along with this post celebrating his talent, I must share the sad news that to hear that much of his work has been censored. I, like so many of you, discovered this message to his fans on Twitter this week: 


It seems his strong skills have caught the attention of the dicks at DC. But I know more about superheroes from Phausto's comics than from watching their movies or reading their comics.

Anyhow, on to bigger and better things! Phausto has always created amazing work and I’m sure this isn't going to stop him. This just makes me want to support independent artists even more.

Enjoy my Q&A and the photos he shared with us to use. 

Eddie V: First off, where does your name artist Phausto come from? 

Phausto: My name comes from a character of mine that I used in roleplay at highschool.

Eddie V: When did you first start? Where did the interest start to want to start creating homoerotic art? Were original pieces more modest from the hardcore sexy content we’ve come to love you for or did you start off creating hardcore stuff? 

Phausto: I actually started to draw pretty late in comparison with many people, at 13 or 14 years old to distract myself from personal stuff. Mostly Disney and some old anime characters were the main focus. When I started with adult art many years later [I] was following my friends' advice about the lack of material for certain characters. “You can do it yourself,” they said, and I just said, “hey why not?”. So that's basically the random reason why all this started haha.

Eddie V: Most of your art is about muscular superheroes (which we clearly love) getting fucked, sucked or getting their pecs nipples worshipped! Are there any real life inspirations and stories to those designs?

Phausto: Circumstances kept me very close to the sexual life somehow. Sex was pretty much a big part of my own way to evade personal problems, I've worked in several nightclubs with many impressive men, etc. I think creating this type of art helps me to share all that worshiping to male beauty, which was always there, and I think characters like superheroes are a great representation of that. Not only the beauty and the inspiration to make ourselves look and feel better, but also the confidence.

Eddie V: I love the angle of creating gay art around superheroes and Disney characters, and I think you’ve done it so well. You’re recognizable as being one the most known creators of gay Disney art. Tell us about that journey. 

Phausto: I started with Disney because it was a huge part of my childhood of course, and because there was a severe lacking of quality gay stuff or just a bigger diversity of those characters in this type of art.

Eddie V: Previous answers may lead into my next one but who are some of your favorite bodybuilders, athletes and/ or pornstars? Have any inspired any characters in your designs? 

Phausto: My first porn actor crush was Rafael Carreras years ago without a doubt. I'm a disaster for names, but some of the ones that come to my mind nowadays are Alex Mecum, Dato Folland, Damien Crosse, Tim Kruger…

Eddie V: What is your favorite fantasy that you have drawn to date? Favorite pic? (If you have it and we can feature it, that would be great)

Phausto: It's impossible to choose a single pic for that purpose. If I had to point a few comics, I would say first Royal Meeting #2, which back in the day was really ambitious, and the first comic that I did by myself( the first chapter was a commission). I started to see mentions to that comic in so many places and it was just hilarious, it will always be very special.

The next one is Batboys #1. Before its creation, I was really stuck with my art, so uninspired and with personal issues, so I was ready to quit drawing for good. Then my friend Noxphire (writer of most of my current comics) recommended me a list of DC comics to cheer me up. My last contact with comics was at high-school and barely a few Spider-man ones, so my knowledge was very limited aside from knowing a few mainstream characters from fanarts. I completely fell in love with the styles, the inks, colors, narrative, dynamism… Absolutely everything, and I felt inspired again. Batboys #1 was a risk at that time, because it was a drastic change of direction, and I wasn't sure if it would have acceptance. But I didn't care, I [was] clear that I wanted to draw it. So Noxphire made the script, and the result was really successful.

Eddie V: When did you start finding out you had fans following your artwork? Any messages from fans that have stood out to you?

Phausto: I remember when I started on Tumblr, nobody followed me or accepted my submissions for several weeks haha. Until I created my first account on Y-Gallery, and I just suddenly had many people praising my art and asking for the possibility of making commissions, which I didn't even think of, ever. I loved to receive people's feedback, and even in some cases, people reached me to tell me how my art helped them to accept their own sexuality through their favorite characters, which was really impressive and made me feel so proud.

Eddie V: We are all about supporting each other here in similar interests. Any other artist you love to follow?

Phausto: Too many people to mention! DizDooz, Anma, Lilprincyvi, Schizoid, SoyNutts, Kappax, DayDreamerJim, Mr. XToon, Henry Partum, Patrick Fillion…

Eddie V: How often do you produce new content? 

Phausto: I create content every month since 6 years ago, more or less, single illustrations and comic pages, these being my main thing. I just love to create comics and stories. I also share all my produced content for free progressively.

Eddie V: Is there a project you’ve been working on you cannot wait to complete? (Full comic, new characters, etc.?) What is new for 2021?

Phausto: I have about 20 comic scripts waiting to be created and new ideas keep coming… So I would say that if the circumstances allow me, I'm gonna stay around for a little while yet!

Eddie V: Where can people follow and reach you at (all social media links / website? Do you commission artwork and how much would that be?

Phausto: My main sites to create and share content are: Twitter (@PhaustoK) & Patreon (Phausto)

Yes, I'm sometimes open for commissions( single pics and comic pages) with prices estimated between 35 and 350 euros.