Silent Hill. Two words I never thought would start an article here at Muscle Service but you add in a little kink and the muscle god Davin Strong himself, and you get yourself a sexy-ass-scary scene at One of the new releases at KinkMen is “Silent Hill: Delirium”, the latest series directed by Micah Martinez that mixes sex with the horror-filled town made famous by video games and one of their iconic characters: Pyramid Head. There are probably many erotic artists out there that have tried to make Pyramid Head sexy, but now we get the live-action version with Davin Strong bringing the character to life.


“Just outside of the town, Silent Hill, a new evil is being unleashed. Christian Wilde has a host of nightmares and dark fantasies to unlock for everyone around, starting with Derek Kage and Davin Strong.”


This series is a must-watch, and Davin Strong is perfect as both a Dom and a Sub in the series! Check out our exclusive Q&A with Davin Strong as he fucks, sucks, and displays his sexual versatility in the sexiest rendition of Silent Hill I have ever seen. Make sure to catch all four parts of “Silent Hill: Delirium” currently available on KinkMen. Davin can also be seen in “Good Little Mouse

My fans! I adore you! Thank you for consuming my content and all content I’m in. Love to your tender naughty souls!!

Davin Strong

Eddie V: In the KinkMen intro video you mention you are “a total slut, into everything and experiencing new things” which I know our readers love to hear. What new things have you tried out during your time at Kink? Are any of them being first experiences?

Davin: Kink has been a great way for me to try out a lot of fun stuff in the BDSM world! I’m very open-minded and have enjoyed Sex with people of all gender expressions! I top, bottom etc. Overall I describe myself as a pleasure dom/switch, and a voyeur/exhibitionist! Which covers a vast array of sexual proclivities. I’m generally always down to try new things and kink staff know that about me. To answer your question! Being suspended was something I had never done before and being a big guy that was an intense experience and a good one to check off the list.


Eddie V: Were you a fan of horror or the video game series Silent Hill before doing this scene? I ask because there is an underground cult following and lust for Pyramid Head, him being so masc and all. Gotta say you filled the role perfectly.

Davin: I am honestly a total chicken shit when it comes to the horror movie genre!! I actually scared myself a bit playing pyramid head and leaning into the movie. I had to get myself in the right head space for it. I have a ton of respect for the genre though as an art form and for the silent hill series and find it sincerely fascinating and wish I wasn’t such a scaredy cat! I think Micah did an amazing job all around casting for the scene.

Eddie V: Did the theming of the KinkMen Silent Hill movie get you into the dom Pyramid Head role?

Davin: Oh the theme definitely helped me get in a bit more of that sadist head space. I’m generally a pleasure dom but as an expansive and versatile slut can find my way into head spaces to do almost anything that involved eagerly consenting adult participants.

Davin Strong as Pyramid Head

Eddie V: The scene is full of sexy verbal talk including you telling Derek Kage your “dick is going to fix all that is in him and make him better”. Was all that in a script or did you come up with them?

Davin: If I remember correctly I was told that the underlying theme was that I was meant to sort of make people face repressed desire! And so all of the improv I did surrounded that. There was not a lot of script in scene and was all mostly improv.

Eddie V: In the KinkMen post-credits, you comically say you learned how to yell, how many takes did that take?

Davin: Lol! I figured out how to yell after a few people helped me. It took a couple tries then I had it down. I’m pretty stoic and don’t yell a lot and am soft spoken but I figured it out with a little coaching.

Eddie V: A true verse king, you went from one scene being the dom to another where you are submissive, immediately tied down. What would you say was one more enjoyable for you?

Davin: I would say I’m a true switch but with men in particular I really enjoy the act of submission if I have the right partners! I tend to be a little more dominant with women. I loved all my scene partners! Domming Derek was amazing. He is gorgeous. And submitting for Dillon and Quin was amazing too. I think just because I have never been double dommed by two men before that was a pretty cool experience! I am always seeking novelty with my kink experiences.


Eddie V: Was there anything from either role for KinkMen that you did not get to try that you would in a future scene?

Davin: I still have a few things left to try! I haven’t been sounded yet or fisted! I think I’ve done the gambit of most other things. I am down for anything!

Eddie V: If you could direct your own kink men scene what would it look like? Who would you wish to shoot with?

Davin: I have so many great ideas for kink scenes! For kink men, in particular, I would like to play with the notion of a handful of submissives worshiping a Demi god/demon! I like things dealing with the occult! Something where a ritual takes place to summon him and then a whole group being commanded and dommed and made to anoint him in oils! Someone tied up suspended somewhere, someone on a cross, someone tied bent over something! Bodies everywhere being used by one all-powerful dom being! There are so many beautiful men to cast. I don’t think any cast could beat the one we had for silent hill delirium though!


Eddie V: Anything else we can expect coming up from your time with Kink Men?

Davin: I am sure I’ll be there with kink men very soon! I’m always eager and bugging them to do more scenes. I love getting cast for any and all roles. No one can take a beating like me at Kink! And I am a very good dom. I’m the house switch! I’ll be back soon up to all sorts of fun.

Eddie V: Give us two truths and a lie! Hopefully our readers can guess what the lie is.

Davin: Two truths and a lie! I was a D1 wrestler! I grew up on a ranch! I can’t blow a bubble!

Eddie V: Any words/messages you want to leave with your fans?

Davin: My fans! I adore you! Thank you for consuming my content and all content I’m in. Love to your tender naughty souls!!