I just came across a hookup app that immediately caught my attention. Now that is a loose statement to say in 2023, when we have seen all kinds of hookup apps come and go. From the launch of Grindr to Adam4Adam, Scruff, Hornet, Growlr, DaddyHunt, Surge, to Sniffies, there have been numerous hookup apps that strive to be the answer to your next lonely night. Now, there is a new one to welcome to that collection: Headero. Their tagline?

Headero is the first app for everyone, for just one thing: people who love oral pleasure.

That’s right, an app just for sucking or being sucked off. While walking around West Hollywood during Pride, I came across posters that promoted the app and to be honest, maybe sometimes I just want to suck some cock without committing every other sexual act imaginable. Sometimes I just want to get on my knees and practice those cocksucking skills I am proud of. As you can see in my Twitter profile, I appreciate “providing oral service” so an app like this is perfect for when I just want to get on my knees vs. lifting my legs in the air. 

Headero is a sexuality and gender-inclusive space for everyone that loves oral pleasure. Gay? Straight? Bi? Headero is for you.

Overtime, our sexual community has evolved into many interests. Before, it used to be simply, top and bottom. Add a little leather and you were kinky and into leather play. Now, people are online looking for “sides”, solosexuals that like to jerk off alone and share tips, pornosexuals that like to commit sexual activity while viewing porn and so much more. With Headero, there comes visibility of the crowd that want's nothing more than to receive or give oral pleasure. Speaking from experience, that makes it easy and takes off the pressure from a bottom that needs to clean up before meeting up with someone haha.

Now the app is new, and currently just shows you 10 closest users at a time before displaying the next 10. But I appreciate the filters they have. They do cater to a diverse audience of all gender identities with the filter to be “eager to be pleased” or “eager to please”. 

Let us know what you think! Are you downloading and -ahem- giving Headero a try?