“BigRoger is back and he's still big and sexy. He shaves his morning stubble and admires himself in the mirror. His bulging pecs and hard abs match his thick cock. Things start steaming up in the shower as he soaps up everywhere. He makes sure his beefy ass is clean and presses his hot cock up against the glass wall. He continues to play with his cock and strokes it hard til the cum shoots out and drips down. Then he dries off and takes one last moment to check out his own muscles.”

Jimmy Z Productions

“BigRoger is indeed that. Actually he is HUGE. Big arms, heavy pecs, massive legs. Yet he has a youthful, almost innocent look on his handsome face that makes you believe he isn't truly aware of how big he is. But Big Roger does know and when he moves and poses and flexes his self-confidence makes his innocent look drift away in place of something much more sexual.”

Manifest Men

“Wowza BigRoger! Just looking at him you’d think BigRoger’s all gruff but we’ve got to say: He’s one big cuddly sweetheart! Been to the Penthouse? We caught all 230 pounds of BigRoger naked in the shower. That’s what we love about BigRoger. He’s not just big—he’s big on sharing.

And he knows JUST what to do. BigRoger loves Berlin, pets and housework. He has cyber-sex all the time, but still manages to have time to create his own underwear line and be a fabulous party promoter!”

Maifest Men
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